These tests with sea salt and soda were repeated numerous times and always with the same results. They showed that when one of a pair of code receptors is stimulated with sea salt, the other is stimulated with baking soda. When the tester turns into a new direction placing the same code receptors on the opposite side of his Vivaxis direction the following becomes apparent:

(1) The response of the code receptors to the compounds is reversed.

(2) The spin patterns of the code receptors are also reversed.

A Major Breakthrough

At this point of my exploration I really felt I was homing in on the discovery of the sources and characteristics of our energy waves; the type of energies flowing through our code receptors and linking us to our Vivaxis. Our Vivaxis, an energy duplicate of ourselves recording all the energy changes that take place in our systems, both physical and emotional; acting as an energy exchange and balancing agent - acting also as a collecting and receiving station for energies pulsating from the elements deep within the earth, as well as from influences above the earth.

As the facts began to make themselves manifest I observed the body is capable of absorbing and utilizing these energies in a higher concentration, imprinting the individual's coded messages on the waves as they are received. This accounts for the fact that the body fluids align horizontally towards the participant's Vivaxis; align in the same manner as they do after the channelling routine. Further, the code receptors are also stimulated, as illustrated by their wider arc of spin and accelerated spinning motion.

This is a fascinating reversal. Instead of utilizing a direct channel link to one's Vivaxis to absorb more radiating energies, a concentration of unpolarized energies can also be received directly and converted into one's own individual energy waves. The potentials are challenging.

Further exploration was done with a dry mixture of granulated sea salt and baking soda combined in equal parts and contained in a plastic bag.


Two significant observations were noted: (1) Disturbed receptors can be corrected by merely passing the mixture over them. The fundamental principles of correction are similar to those of channelling; all centre points are corrected first. The disturbed head receptors and their associated terminal receptors in the hands and feet have a mixture passed over them. The disturbed receptors apparently absorb the necessary potential as they become momentarily exposed to the influence of the mixed sea salt and baking soda. The dry mixture in the plastic bag can be either gently wiped over the various areas, or merely passed over them without making actual contact; both methods have proved equally effective.

(2) The mixture itself becomes contaminated as it is being used and records a disturbed wave motion. For this reason it is necessary to have an ample supply of the fresh mixture on hand so that replacements are available as required. Further, best results are obtained by finally going over the whole body with an entirely fresh mixture. When the job is an efficient one, the final mixture that was used will not record an energy disturbance. Discard the final mixture also to avoid the risks of the various influences it might have absorbed.

Required Materials

In order to do a complete and efficient job, two pounds each of sea salt and baking soda are generally required. The two compounds are mixed thoroughly in the dry condition and then divided into four strong plastic bags, each containing one pound of the mixture. The bags have long strings attached. Two bags are used for the first complete application and two bags for the second or final application. All are discarded after being used.

Caution In Handling Sea Salt And Soda

Once these compounds are combined the mixture readily absorbs the atomic vibrations of the specific Vivaxis energy field that it first encounters and the atomic particles of the mixture will vibrate in resonance to that field. This combination of chemicals is therefore a versatile medium and can be readily converted to synchronize with an individual's Vivaxis energy, provided the mixture has not already been made to vibrate in response to another field of energy. Ideally, the person who will use the mixture should handle the materials exclusively, which includes the mixing.

We experimented with the combined mixture of sea-salt and soda for correcting receptors but have now discarded this technique in favour of more advanced techniques detailed throughout this book.

The concern of combining the mixtures is carelessness in handling and other fields of energy being absorbed into the combined mixture.

Several members of the Research Society have used it with good results with animals by using the mixture in smaller quantities decided upon by the size of the animal. The timing of usage is probably important and it would seem a wise precaution to avoid the time around the full moon and major and minor periods if possible. We still have a great deal to learn about energies and it is wise to feel our way cautiously.

Are Wave Machines A Current Threat?

A real tragedy is inherent in man's pathetic ignorance of the design of nature's underlying forces; an ignorance that in many cases is actually responsible for destroying the organized design that nature has implanted. A design so beautiful and so efficient that one bows in deep reverence and yet, on the other hand, one shudders in deep concern - shudders when one observes some of the side effects caused by many devices of modern man, devised in his search for methods of correction. I refer to the various wave machines. Their possible side effects may not be apparent immediately, but their telltale conffiction of wave motion can be observed instantly. It is analogous to the enlisting of a foreign army to fight one's battles. The enemy is vanquished, but the foreign army remains to create disharmony from within.

In most cases the induced field created by these various wave machines produces an atomic alignment, but not aligned to one's own Vivaxis. At first this foreign alignment could have certain superficial corrective powers which temporarily mask the adverse effects that will develop later. Wave conflictions that can be detected for the duration of one's life, unless some definitive steps have been taken to cancel them out of the body. We have often found their removal extremely difficult to accomplish.