It is true most races throughout recorded history have developed their own peculiar varieties of alcoholic drink, which used in moderation, becomes a soothing antidote to nervous strain. Of course it is a debatable point requiring further experimentation; however, it appears that alcohol in moderate quantities tranquilizes the stress symptoms, but when it is taken in excess produces undesirable side effects that are detected in the disturbed energy pattern of the hypothalamus.

The ideal solution is the creation of a way of life that induces emotional tranquility, for only then can the magnetic energies traversing the hypothalamus be working in correct co-ordination with the endocrine glands.

Further experimenting has taught us two things:

1. A temporary upset to the left side of the hypothalamus code receptors caused by emotional disturbances can generally be corrected by sufficient love and tenderness from a mate or mother. The previously mentioned test with my husband failed because the period of the experiment was too brief. Since then we have shown conclusively the strong power of love will readjust temporary disturbances caused to the hypothalamus.

2. The effects of temporary stresses can be corrected easily but prolonged frustrations become a damaging disease of a more serious nature, possibly affecting the hypothalamus cells themselves and its complications are not so readily corrected. In these instances it has been necessary to correct a large number of code receptors by specific channelling.

"The mind must be cured before the body can be healed", a maxim which provides us with food for thought. But it has a special meaning for those who see how destructive frustrations of the mind and negative thoughts can become to the energy circuits. Frustrations and thoughts that have the ability to disrupt the continuity of magnetic wave flow within a circuit; conflicting and destroying the magnetic arrangement within vital code receptors.

In summary, it appears from our research that through unbalanced energies in the brain's code receptors the hypothalamus is affected, which in turn acts on the reflexes of the pituitary gland, triggering a chain reaction to the endocrine system.


It was a great surprise to discover that every part of the body appears to be represented by receptors on the tongue or some area of the mouth.

The two vital code receptors, located on either side of the centre top of the head, have two associated code receptors, positioned far back at the roof of the mouth in the soft palate. These code receptors are in a direct line with the central portion of the hypothalamus. Originally, members with multiple sclerosis and Menieres disease, etc., who corrected their disturbed receptors only stimulated those on the centre top of the head and the associated terminal points on the hands and feet. The circuits never remained corrected for very long and this made me realize the counterparts for the code receptors at the top of the head had yet to be found.

A member with this central circuit disruption was asked to press towards the back of his mouth, while I recorded the disturbance to code receptors on the top of the head. As he pressed on the area at the roof of his mouth, a temporary circuit was noted in the code receptors that I was testing. This discovery of the association between the two groups of receptors makes it possible to reinstate the central circuit in a more stable atomic arrangement. It was not surprising this revelation led to further search and we found receptors all over the tongue and mouth.

In some instances the disturbed receptors of the mouth appear to be associated with pain and my first realization of this came from observation of a crippled arthritic. Previous efforts, made before the importance of the tongue was discovered, failed to rid him of a chronic and agonizing backache that had troubled him for years. But this time we knew the receptors associated with the tail end of the spine were situated at the very tip of the tongue. Therefore, the young man stimulated the tip of his tongue while the other disturbed spine receptors were stimulated prior to channelling. By the time the post-channelling period was over the chronic pain in his back had disappeared.

These discrepancies and their corrections teach us many important lessons and they show why the study and understanding of our own energies is of the utmost importance to us.

It is well to remember that in order to do the following exploration, the correct rules of wave transmitting have to be followed. For all testers free from interference, there is one set of rules, with the exception of those whose Vivaxis is at an elevation above them. This last group will have to use vinegar or ice between their ankles. No chart is required, for if one is testing with proper meaning then it is easy to locate the specialized receptors.

One's own tongue is one of the most fascinating areas of all on which to test receptors and discover that your thoughts can stimulate the receptors.

Think of strawberry shortcake or food that will stimulate your appetite; at the same time move the centre tip of your left index fingernail down the centre of your tongue. As your fingernail traces along the top of the tongue, you will find at one point the recording wire will become very stimulated with an alternating motion for the period only that you are thinking of food; this is a specialized "appestat" receptor that is stimulated. When you reverse your thoughts and think you are not hungry, in fact, food repulses you, then the stimulation to the specialized receptor, on the underside of the tongue directly below the "appestat", becomes stimulated. Once again, let your thoughts return to a desire for food. The specialized receptor on the underside of the tongue is no longer stimulated, but the "appestat" receptor on the top side of the tongue becomes restimulated.

Reflect on thoughts pertaining to sex and another specialized receptor on the tongue becomes stimulated. Think of the end of your spine and the receptor on the tip of your tongue becomes active. Direct your thoughts to the various toes and the corresponding specialized toe receptors become stimulated.

Having discovered a network of various specialized receptors on the tongue, my next question was, "How were these waves being transported?" For in all my findings, magnetic code receptors are strategically located and apparently necessary as wave carriers. If my hypothesis was correct I should find an organized arrangement of code receptors on the tongue. Yes, these were found! Two solid lines of code receptors were located, one on each side of the tongue. All the receptors on one side had a clockwise motion and those on the other had a counterclockwise motion.

Stimulating the tongue receptors is now routine in any circuit corrections. It is done either by locating and stimulating the specific disturbed receptors or by using hot water spray as a wave stimulant immediately after channelling.

receptors down the tongue


Code receptors down the tongue - half have a clockwise motion and the other half have a counterclockwise motion.