From a physicist's point of view he refers to "Vivaxis ,as a most profound new discovery." On this point I would like to comment, "We should regard all those, who have correctly located the channel to their own Vivaxis, as valuable discoverers of major import." If I were the only one who could locate my Vivaxis channel, then it would have little meaning. But when all those who have taken the appropriate steps to make factors right, can then locate their Vivaxis channel and utilize its force flow to direct energy to non-energy areas, then "it has meaning!" Further, it meets the requirements of a scientific experiment; namely, anybody can do it given the proper set of circumstances. A thought that bears repeating, it is normal to be able to record the energies emanating from the atomic structure of the basic elements in your compact bones. What is NOT normal, is to have your atomic structure so messed up that you can no longer record!

One challenging doctor wrote me quote, "Our energy is derived from oxidation of our foods. If oxidation ceases, life ceases." In his opinion, that totally accounted for our energy supply. The author could fill the book answering this challenge, but in brief, we have consistently observed that our basic elements' force flows are required by all the organs responsible for digesting and oxidizing our foods. Our observations are evidently supported by the views of Henry Schroeder, M.D.

The trace elements are more important in nutrition than are the vitamins, in the sense that they cannot be synthesized by living matter as in the case of vitamins. Thus they are the basic spark-plugs in the chemistry of life, on which the exchanges of energy in the combustion of foods and the building of living tissues depend. (7)

The need for education is very apparent and hopefully we can look for those in the fields of education to lead the way.

Vivaxis knowledge, due to its recent stage of development relative to elements, now aptly lends itself to classroom study material. The material should stress a normal energy pattern and the role one's basic elements play.

At an early age students can be taught the factors that enhance their energy circuits and the practices that weaken them. The text material of course would have to be adapted to the various levels of understanding. There is probably no better way to learn basic biology and physics, than through your own recording of the wave behaviour in the atomic structure of your basic elements. However, the environment in a class room is not suitable for recording and channelling. These two aspects of study need not be a requirement for a student, unless he so wishes to explore on his own and in the confines of his own property.

How can we explain and interpret all this adjustment, all this pulsing, vibrating, radiating life, all this striving and growing and unfolding in the world of grass and trees, of insects and birds, of beasts and men, of innumerable and unpredictable changes and variations (as unpredictable as the quantum of energy in the atom) straining toward more perfect living? How shall we account for all this compelling urge of evolving life, except as the response of the command of a supreme Intelligence manifested in mind and revealed in nature? (8g)

Some of my most rewarding instructional experiences have been teaching professional men and women, including physicists, medical doctors, chemists, chiropractors, naturopaths, and teachers. Their minds are trained to analyse. Further, they have the background knowledge that is so valuable for incorporation with the basics of Vivaxis.

Another very rewarding instructionsl experience was teaching Vivaxis courses, four sessions, each of ten weeks at the Malaspina College adult night school. We have those responsible for arranging all the courses,to thank for the initial advancement we made in the realms of memory. The courses stimulated enthusiasm as expressed by Ben Dyer whose letter originally appeared in the Vivaxis Journal, January 1976 - December 15, 1975. - Report on ten week course sponsored by the Malaspina College and instructed by Frances Nixon.

The benefits derived through Vivaxis are manifold as shared by an enthusiastic class of young, middle aged and retired. The fortunate young responded quickly and successfully, whereas my response was much slower, due to carbon monoxide poisoning forty years earlier, followed by chest fluoroscoping in excess of five hundred times accompanied by dozens of X-rays etc., over a thirty year period. Neutralizing these effects required about eight weeks with the patient guidance and assistance of Fran Nixon. Reinstating the correctly aligned field in the related bones followed more rapidly.

Since then the benefits derived are wonderful to describe, including a clearer thinking mind, greater power of concentration, a more retentive memory, improved hearing, quicker focusing eyesight, the complete disappearance of minor aches and pains of thirty years duration. To this must be added a new found energy which provides a priceless inner glow. Beside me stands a rejoicing wife enjoying the satisfaction of a completely healthy knee that was seriously arthritically inclined after being subjected to two serious falls. She has also shared many similar improvements to mine.

These and countless other benefits besides greater knowledge you may possess by becoming a student of this expanding vital subject, Vivaxis.

Signed - Ben Dyer.

Ben Dyer attended the first three complete courses and his contribution and assistance in the classes earns him a special honourable mention. The reader will note he refers to, "greater powers of concentration and a more retentive memory." Both these facilities are improved by taking corrective steps to remove the adverse effects of X-rays and wave links to foreign Vivaxes. However, we only learned to pinpoint, and correct malfunction of the memory tracks during the fourth adult Vivaxis course.

The classes were restricted to twenty students and registration for the last was filled several weeks prior to its start. Twelve of the twenty students were graduates from previous classes. It was therefore decided to keep their enthusiasm alive by researching the energies responsible for memory. In return, these students promised to assist the beginners in attendance during the intervals between classes; an arrangement we felt that added considerably to their experience. As the saying goes, "An adult learns by teaching a child." In this case the saying should be qualified to read, "An adult learns by teaching another adult."

The purpose of my memory course at the adult night classes was not to teach the students what was already known about memory, but to guide the individual towards exploration of the unknown through his ability to record and receive information. It was a stimulating experience for all who participat ed and we gained an understanding of our memory mechanism that far exceeded all our expectations.