It is appropriate that the technique of determining a person's channel to his Vivaxis be left to the last chapter; for it is hoped that the background knowledge contained in the preceding chapters will aid in the understanding of the principles involved.

We have realized that we are dealing with strong energies when we channel them during polarizing, and for this reason we stress moderation, and we generally only use polarizing when adjustments warrant it.

A good slogan to bear in mind is "polarizing can be used; or abused". We suggest avoiding any involvement with polarizing during all stages of pregnancy, merely as a precaution against the unknown. In this book we are only relating our findings, and how to determine your wave channel. If the reader chooses to experiment on his own with polarizing, he should do so only if he knows exactly what he is doing, and he is prepared to take full responsibility. We have found how polarizing can destroy virus and bacteria. Consideration should be taken of the fact that our bodies contain some good bacteria which play a vital part in producing some of the essential B vitamins that are utilized by the body. For possible replenishment of these good bacteria we ourselves have yogurt included in our diet, taken a few hours after polarizing.

There will be a group with extensive X-rays, blocked sinus passages, or shoulders not level. Due to wave cancellation this group will have difficulty determining their correct wave channel. The next group will be those with only a few X-rays that can determine with the aid of a swivel chain in one hand.

The following is useful information to remember: Experiment entirely by yourself and become relaxed and familiar with the pattern of your own waves. Remember always that an audience will cause wave interference and wave detecting should never be a spectator's sport. Instead of a single defined circuit one can get involved temporarily with a network of circuits. Testing with thought waves while holding two swivel chains can testify to this, especially if one person's Vivaxis is above and the other below the ground that they are currently standing on.

Accuracy is a must if a true story is to be told. People will often casually remark prior to polarizing, "I think this is just about my channel." This is similar to turning the knob of the radio to tune into a specific station. If you do not turn the knob to the exact point you do not get the correct station. We are beset by extra complications for our wave channel, being weaker than that of a radio set, it is more subject to deflections, and the direction will vary from time to time - in stormy weather as much as several degrees.

Deflections include close proximity to mountains, planes flying overhead, electrical motors cutting in, electric equipment, fibreglass roofs, metal roofs, people walking above you, branches of trees overhead, storms, spectators, certain types of carpeting, etc. Outside transformers very close to the house can cause serious deflection, but by pulling the main switch in the house prior to polarizing, interference by household electric equipment can be eliminated.

Recommended environment is that ground must be level, cement, blacktop, wood floors or linoleum - area as open as possible, and free from the above-mentioned deflectors.

With regard to clothing, remove girdles or all clothing or headgear that puts any stress on any bones. Remove eyeglasses, atches, rings and jewellery. It is absolutely impossible to determine the direction of one's channel with the pressure of glasses against the head.

The head can be regarded as the main wave impulse receiving and sending platform. A brief review of the wave vector readings of a normal skull might at this point be an aid. Refer to figure 2 of the skull in a polarized pattern when faced directly into the correct wave channel to its Vivaxis. Note how all wave vectors on the right hemisphere of the skull travel toward its Vivaxis in one aligned direction, while all wave vectors on the left hemisphere travel in the same alignment but in the opposite direction. If however, the head is turned a fraction to one side or the other, the direction of energy flow is changed, and reverts into a weak wave pattern embracing a large variation of wave vectors (see figure 1).

The level of the head while aligning during polarizing is of importance. The ears play a dominant role in the sense of static equilibrium. Inside the chambers of the inner ear are sensory hair cells on which crystals of calcium carbonate rest. Any changes in position of the head relative to gravity displaces the crystals and this alters the pattern of push and pull that they exert on the hair cells. The pattern of impulses sent to the brain are, in turn, altered.

Two of the most common tendencies during polarizing are either tilting the head too far forward or too far back. For this reason we do not recommend either a guide string stretched horizontally above the head or on the floor. Two weighted and movable posts are ideal. These posts can be aligned correctly, and the polarizing participant can maintain the correct level of his head while using the posts as a guide to keep an accurate alignment in his channel.

You may determine your wave channel with a swivel chain. The type of chain used in a basin is inexpensive and generally available at most hardware stores. They can be used with or without the plugs. Leaving the plug at the end of the chain gives a better action, although as a scientific instrument they appear to rather lack in glamour. The direction of energy flow influences the atomic spins in the chain, therefore left and right should be marked with nail polish or some other identification. They should be handled only by the designated hand with the same ends always suspended down. A set of chains should be used by one person only unless the radiation is completely cancelled out prior to another's handling of them. This is often difficult to do, even by dropping them. The same principles are applicable to angle wires.

As mentioned in Chapter 13, we have normally a vertical energy flow travelling predominantly out of one hand, the hand being determined by one's elevation in relation to his Vivaxis - above or below. Use the hand which normally registers no motion in the chain when faced out of alignment to your Vivaxis. This makes it easier to detect the forward pull as you move into your channel, and the chain swings back and forth with the wave impulses, for now the direction of energy wave flow has changed into a horizontal plane, causing the chain to pull strongly, channelled in the direction of your Vivaxis. During this procedure, hold the free hand against the flesh of the bare leg. This helps to form a magnetic unit.

Method of holding chain: Hold the swivel chain between forefinger and thumb with fingers pointed down; arm bent and held free of the body with fingers positioned level with the centre of the collar bone. Avoid the temptation of tilting the head down while watching the chain. If the head is tilted, the body turned or slumped, the motion in the chain cuts.

It is essential that the whole body be held erect in a ramrod position while one is turning facing various directions seeking his Vivaxis channel. A very common error is to stand and twist the body. No channel can ever be found with the body twisted. It should be moved as one erect ramrod.

A great many people may find their magnetic pattern weak at first, and it might be necessary as one turns around, to pause ten seconds or more to test for reaction. For originally locating a channel, a compass bearing toward one's geographic place of birth will usually indicate the general direction, barring major deflections. However, the exact channel must be determined by the observation of the energy flow in the chain. The reaction of those with a strong magnetic pattern is instant. As they face directly into their channel they know at once by the animated way the chain immediately pulls back and forth in the channel, and stops the instant they slump or turn away from it. When faced sideways the chain now swings parallel to the person but still in the wave channel to his Vivaxis.

When aligned facing directly in one's wave channel to their Vivaxis either frontwards or backwards, the polarized wave impulses introduced immediately into the chain stimulate and influence it to align its atomic spins towards the source of radiation. It pulls back and forth in a defined wave channel toward the direction of the person's Vivaxis. If a chain is held in either hand both chains will swing back and forth in the Vivaxis channel synchronized like a pair of briskly moving legs. The strength of the magnetic pull is in relation to the strength of the person's magnetic pattern. This generally gathers momentum after all X-rayed bones have been repolarized.

Grounding is important. Awareness of left and right quanta, both with electromagnetic waves travelling in opposite directions forming a circuit, will help in understanding the necessity of two separate groundings. Legs and feet must be grounded well apart during all wave transmitting.