As a preliminary to the discussion of X-rays, and to give a better visual picture, we suggest that the reader compare related energies with unrelated energies. This can be illustrated with an ink circuit, and tested with a pendulum according to the recommended method in the glossary.

An ink circuit is drawn with a ballpoint pen in place of a carbon pencil. Ink generally does not record and conduct the participant's radiation quanta in the same manner that carbon pencils do. Therefore ink is a suitable medium for isolating and recording the related energies associated with that surface where the line is drawn, as here the motion of the pen polarizes these magnetic energies into the line. The main principles of executing are the same as already outlined for carbon circuits - level surface, plain paper, paper held firmly with cello tape while executing lines, avoid touching paper and leaving radiation from fingerprints.

To test the energy flow between related energies in polarized lines, make two polarized ink lines, one inch apart, without shifting the paper; move the pen back and forth four times over each line. A wood ruler may be used.

Now, using a swivel chain test in the one-inch gap, and note the strong energy flow between the two lines. Even when the lines are moved to other level surfaces, the energy flow between the two remain strong. We can possibly compare this to the flow of energy waves between atomically related energies from one bone to another in our body structure.


Energy flow between two lines with related energies

Energy flow between two lines with related energies.

In contrast, we can study unrelated energies by simply moving the paper into a different field of energy. Placing the paper with polarized ink lines a short distance from where the lines were originated, puts the lines into an environment of foreign energies. The next step is to put interference in the line through introducing these unrelated energies into its atomic structure. A new set of atomic spins are introduced as we mark with the pen over a section of the line. This is probably comparable to an X-ray in our body circuit.

We give it a few minutes to reach a steady state before testing the flow of energy in the gap between the two lines. In contrast to the former pattern for the related energies, the pendulum suspended over the gap pulls away at right angles or circulates. The attraction and continuity are no longer there. If prolonged, a test becomes invalid, as the tester absorbs too much of the radiation, and his own circuit becomes too involved. Tests should always be brief and after each, both hands grounded.

This illustration can be made even more applicable to ourselves through testing with an ink skeleton, drawn also to absorb related energies, through having the paper secured firmly in one position while executing the drawing. If drawn without the slightest shift, the pattern when tested will have an interesting coordinated energy flow. A short interval after the spins have jelled it can be moved and still retain its set pattern (see figure 11). If "X-rayed" lines are placed over it, in another energy field, note the disruption in energy flow.

For those who have X-rays, another illustration that can be demonstrated through the use of a pendulum, is to hold the pendulum suspended from the hand in which the energy flow is travelling down. When the pendulum is circulating freely, flex one of the bones that have been X-rayed. In chest X-rays, to breathe deeply is usually sufficient, or for teeth X-rays chomp the teeth. Note how the energy wave in the pendulum is disrupted, and the pendulum motion stops as though by an invisible hand. When the same test is conducted by those who have had the X-rays completely re-polarized, no interference is encountered in energy wave flow.

energy flow acts as one magnetic unit

Figure 11. Originally drawn in one related magnetic field, the energy flow acts as one magnetic unit.

Dark area represents unrelated magnetic fields introduced through drawing over sections of bones, in different locations, with variations in elevation as well as change in horizontal field.

The continuity of energy wave flow has been disrupted, and the skeleton structure no longer acts as one magnetic unit.

It came as a tremendous shock to me when I first discovered how X-rays permanently change the atomic alignment and magnetic moment in the bones-in those bones that are directly subjected to the strongly polarizing, electromagnetic short waves given off by X-rays. This realization jolted me considerably, as it did many others like myself, who have long accepted X-ray as a diagnostic tool of our modern times. We have been lulled into a feeling of false security by the fact that most of our doctors sanction and use X-rays freely. "They must be harmless," we concluded.

We read articles entitled The Wonderful World of X-rays, and we are consequently lulled further into a state of apathy with the attitude that X-rays have a special intrigue.

Forgive them for they know not what they do. This well-known phrase is only partially applicable, for shortly after X-rays were first discovered in 1896, their hazards and damage to the living cells became publicized. Evidence and statistics ever since have repeatedly stressed the dangers, but some forgiveness can be justified on the following score. How can we realize what we are destroying or disrupting, if we are not even aware of its existence? The dedicated purpose of this book is to make every reader thoroughly aware - aware first that our magnetic pattern exists, and secondly that it possibly is the most vital part of our entire being. Finally anything that is a permanent threat to its continuity should be regarded with deep concern.

By observing the atomic disruption to a circuit, initiated by the movements of X-rayed bones, we have gained a great deal of valuable evidence. Evidence that all corroborated the seriousness of tampering with this fundamental law of our biology. We will shortly use some more sample cases and the reader himself can draw his own conclusions and do his own assessing.

I was rather stupidly slow in associating a great many of the deviations encountered in the early years of our research, with X-rays. However, truth will out, and waves speak a very honest language of their own.

Ronnie Hymer, for years one of my reliable wave-transmitters, was hit by a car. The injury was negligible, but his back was X-rayed as a result. The fact that the wires in his hands were lifeless after that time I did not associate then with X-rays. Shortly after this, Wendy McAstocker, another faithful wave-transmitter, fell and broke her shoulder and I lost another wave-transmitter. The wires held in her hands now had become lifeless also. It wasn't surprising that at about this time I began to suspect X-rays. Was this also the reason that a majority group could not record waves with angle wires? I speculated further, could X-rays be causing a cancellation of waves in people?