In the last chapter we illustrated how necessary the two energies are to a complete circuit, concluding with the statement,

Any threat to the circuit disruption can be a serious threat to the efficiency of our entire nervous system and all it controls.

In many cases of paralysis we have living examples of how this fundamental law of physics works. Reinstate the circuit and the paralyzed limbs miraculously come instantly to life. For illustration purposes we have selected the story of Edith, a friend in her mid-fifties.

When Edith visited us nearly four years ago she had been, for twelve long years, a victim of the cruel and crippling multiple sclerosis. A few months prior to her visit she was in the hospital, partially paralyzed down her left side. Her attending physicians had commented, It is just as though you were split right down the middle. Her condition had deteriorated to a point where she was having to resign herself to the prospect of a wheel-chair existence for the remainder of her life.

In articles on the subject, multiple sclerosis has been characterized by calcified patches on the brain and spinal cord, also disintegration of the myelin sheath covering the nerves. It is a disease that doctors generally regard as incurable.

The pattern is usually slow disintegration of the nervous system, including all the vital organs and muscles that the nerves govern. The muscles rather resemble dead fish when pressed; the finger imprint does not spring back with the normal elasticity. Circulation is extremely poor. The stricken will have a sudden attack of what would appear to be an electrical shorting out, with a resulting impairment to muscles of the body. There is sometimes a very slow and gradual improvement throughout the following months, but each subsequent attack brings them down onto, what doctors describe, as a lower plane than the previous attack. Their recuperative powers begin to lessen and the disintegration of their entire system gathers momentum. A disease of civilization, aided by products and devices of civilization, it is slow, ugly, and tragic.

It was through Edith that we were able to prove that these effects can be largely reversible. The tremendous contrast of before and immediately after polarizing was instant, and should not be confused with a slight, slow, gradual improvement over a long period of time that sometimes occurs in this malady.

Prior to polarizing, Edith could not lift her left leg or arm, and had very little feeling in them; a pin prick was often not even felt. At times her head would fall forward without muscle control. She had been unable to write, cut up her food, or do any of the small tasks we take for granted. Within minutes after polarizing she exclaimed, "I can feel life coming into my left arm and leg!" She exercised for an interval and was able to do manoeuvres that had been impossible for her prior to polarizing. After a period of only twenty minutes, she walked without her cane into the living-room - and with quite a jaunty step. Our husbands stopped dead in their conversation. "Edith, you're walking!" was her husband's incredulous exclamation.

The next day she was able to control her hand enough to write her name and address. I have kept her letters to illustrate her progress.

Words could not describe her elation, and her voice was warm with gratitude as she confided, "Frances, if you only knew how terrible it has been all these years . . . the feeling of hopeless despair as I often sat by myself, unable to lift my hand to even push back my hair. My despair was often too overwhelming and I would succumb to periods of uncontrolled weeping. I thought my life was over and now suddenly I feel alive again."

I originally was very hesitant in taking the responsibility of even trying polarizing with her, but her condition was so pathetic that my feelings of compassion fortunately overcame my reluctance. She was soon able to do most of her own housework, and today, four years later, lives a reasonably normal life. Her muscles now have normal, firm elasticity, and her circulation is tremendously improved. Her whole appearance has become rejuvenated. She is inclined to tire easily, which is reasonable to expect, but with the aid of periodical polarizing, she is able to hold her own. In fact she reported a few days ago that she had been shopping, and that the day before had been walking around looking at boats with her husband -walking on both trips without the aid of a cane.

The original method of polarizing we used was done with the aid of a container of ice. It was effective at the time in giving Edith her initial start, but it also had discrepancies caused by the lack of normal quanta of her own in her partially paralyzed left side. When we aligned her in her correct indicated wave channel toward Winnipeg, her electromagnetic waves in the left side were too weak to be introduced in the normal manner into the ice. These are normally introduced through the ankles, placed on either side of the ice container. Instead, her right side teamed up with a new magnetic mate introduced into her left side through the quanta in the ice. This gave her left side a new Vivaxis, located in our bedroom, at the point where she polarized over the ice. This does not happen under normal conditions, but this was an indication of the absence of her own radiation's quanta in one side. It corresponded with her doctor's former observation, "It is just as though you were split right down the middle."

This was an example of right quanta waves not able to form a circuit or operate efficiently without their counterpart of left quanta. Giving the quanta of the right side a team-mate with a different Vivaxis was a compromise. It created a condition that acted as a crutch but did not correct some of the underlying trouble. However, it was a crutch that gave a despairing cripple sufficient circuit to operate her limbs enough to exercise and build up her muscles. Damaged cells and tissues are not good transporters of energy waves. The repairing and building up had to be aided by polarizing three times a day -polarizing into the channels of both her Vivaxes, alternating between Winnipeg and the point in the bedroom on Thetis Island.

As in most phases of science, we were learning through experience by observing the many deviations and the triumphs. Edith's case contributed much towards advancement and a better understanding of our magnetic energy waves, their circuit, and also improvements in methods of utilizing them. We kept her here under close observation for four months. She had to gauge her own tolerance for a stronger circuit during polarizing, by her own reactions. If on any occasion she felt slightly dizzy, she was instructed how to re-route the circuit temporarily out of her head by placing a pillow or some other insulating material over the crown of her head. This was instantly effective as a balancing agent.