Fitting the pieces of the puzzle together originally has been a challenge indeed, but to communicate this subject to others in a precise and quantitative manner is even more of a challenge. However, with the teamwork of able assistants, I sincerely hope we succeed; for it is a subject that vitally concerns everyone.

It was stated in the preface that it was the intent of this book to relate our findings concerning our individual electromagnetic waves, their circuit, and their origin. For the geographic point of their origin it was necessary to coin a word - Vivaxis. The following definition is our own, based on directional wave readings:

Vivaxis - The name we have given to the geographical point where magnetism was introduced into a person or object, a point where a magnetic pattern becomes set.

The radiation energies of the earth form a massive network of energy waves travelling in horizontal and vertical planes. When a fetus or object involved is subjected to energy waves or currents being drawn from opposite directions, the currents pull the horizontal and vertical energies into a common axis. The fetus or object, as a result, becomes magnetized to that point.

Viva - means life. Axis - means where all forces are coming in to a centre point. The energy pattern in animals, including people, normally acquire a specific magnetized energy pattern set in the bones of the skeleton, at or around the time of birth.

This pattern is dictated by the radiation magnetized into the bones and characteristic of the magnetic energies of that particular geographical point.

Your Vivaxis can be regarded as your own personal generator, located permanently in the energy field into which you were born, sending out streams of energy bundles known as Quanta. Into the quanta are packed the energy associated with the radiation. These radiations produce electromagnetic waves which are identified and characterized by their own particular wave length and frequency. Through the common origin and atomic character of the radiations introduced into your system at the time of birth, the energies of your central nervous system are tuned in to the same wave length as your magnetically selected Vivaxis - streams of quanta coming and returning in a circuit between the individual and his Vivaxis. Through this exchange a magnetic and electric balance can be maintained.

It is pertinent to mention at this point that by tracing this magnetic wave link to its point of origin, a person's place of birth can often be determined. By the same method it can also be determined where a magnet was magnetized. All this will be illustrated in a comprehensive manner as each step of our research is related.

It would be hard to exaggerate the important role our magnetic pattern plays both to our mental and physical well-being. Mark Twain wrote, "If I were a heathen, I would rear a statue to energy and fall down and worship it." One wonders what energies Mark Twain was referring to at the time.

Focusing now on our own energies, it would be appropriate to say, "If I were a man with the wisdom to understand the character and origin of these energies of mine, I would preserve and treat them with great reverence at all times in keeping with the laws of the universe, for the laws of the universe are God's laws."

The following is a brief summary of the teamwork of the two distinct groups of quanta radiation introduced into our atomic nuclei at the moment we become permanently polarized to our Vivaxis. Again, this is our theory, substantiated in a variety of tests, which will be described in detail later in the book.

From one side of the Vivaxis a group of vertically spiralling magnetic energies are drawn toward the centre of the axis, forming quanta rotating as a body in a clockwise motion. On the other side of the Vivaxis the vertically spiralling quanta are being drawn in, rotating in a counter-clockwise rotation. The rotation is propelling them both horizontally in opposite directions.

We are continually witnessing in the human body the teamwork of two distinct electromagnetic waves with rotations in opposite directions, both travelling in the same channel while moving in completely opposite directions, travelling in a circuit toward a common Vivaxis.

We have been able to devise effective methods of separating the two, and then observing how essential the opposing rotations are towards making a complete circuit. During tests the flow of wave currents to a Vivaxis can be deliberately stopped or started by obstructing the circuit and then reinstated by removing the obstruction. This complete circuit has consistently been essential to the flow of our energy waves and in turn, vital to our physical and mental well-being. These electromagnetic waves will subsequently be referred to as left quanta waves and right quanta waves.

The separate quanta waves identify the two different electromagnetic waves produced by the two separate quanta radiations introduced into our atomic nuclei at the time of birth. They team up to create a permanent circuit to our Vivaxis. Our wave circuit is continually linking with other wave circuits in the immediate environment forming a network of circuits. During the process of polarizing and channelling we create a strong, closed, two-way circuit to our Vivaxis. This cancels out all other waves. The nuclei of our atoms are all tilting their spins toward the direction of our Vivaxis. Our entire system is in one coordinated pattern. We will give two basic illustrations of directional wave readings taken from the right and the left hemispheres of the skull (figures 1 and 2).

Unpolarized vector wave readings of skull

Figure 1. Unpolarized vector wave readings of skull.

Wave readings when a person is not aligned in his channel, view looking down on top of the skull. Dotted line divides left and right hemispheres. Dots indicate points at which each separate wave reading was taken. Heavy lines indicate vector* of the wave circuit to Vivaxis.

Directional wave readings taken from points along the right and left hemispheres of the skull. Note how each wave reading varies in its direction. However, if wave readings were taken from points along dotted centre line of the head, all directional waves can be traced traveling directly to the person's Vivaxis and returning to him-half going in one direction, the other half taking the long route around the world, to his Vivaxis.

*We use the terminology "vector of a wave" to refer to the direction the energy of the wave is traveling.

Polarized vector wave readings of skull

Figure 2. Polarized vector wave readings of skull.

Wave readings when a person is aligned in his channel, view looking down on top of the skull.

Directional wave readings taken when a person is sitting with head and spine erect, facing directly into the channel to his Vivaxis. Note the strong polarized pattern of parallel spins taken from readings at separate points on left and right hemispheres. All readings on left side have vectors traveling in one direction and those on the other have the opposite.

The different motor neurons responsible for movements of our various limbs are located in the cortex just under the skull. When a limb of a normal, healthy person is stressed or moved, an efficient wave transmitter can accurately locate and pinpoint the exact location of the neurons associated with that particular limb. For at that point the participant's electromagnetic wave suddenly cuts into his circuit to his Vivaxis. The wave transmitter picks up a wave pattern through directional wave readings alternating in a direction toward his Vivaxis and then in the opposite direction. When movement ceases, the wave cuts out of the circuit.

The central nervous system is normally working on the two-way circuit system to the individual's Vivaxis, and consequently the direction of the way their electromagnetic wave travels is dictated by the direction of the individual's Vivaxis.

The brain is also part of the central nervous system with several neurons located in the cortex area in the back of the head. The brain neurons can be deliberately stimulated by concentration, e.g. through using a mathematical problem. Immediately the brain neuron being tested gives off electromagnetic waves which cut into their selected circuit to their Vivaxis, alternating from one direction to the other. If the participant becomes confused in his concentration the wave transmitter becomes immediately aware of it, for the circuit is temporarily cut. It never ceases to amaze the participant when the wave transmitter comments, "You are pausing."

We will subsequently give examples of how this knowledge can be used, and in some cases illustrate with detailed human interest stories.