It was over five years ago, in 1963, that I originally started testing bird and animal bones. I found that they were like bar magnets with wave vector readings guiding the magnetic waves back to the vicinity into which the animal had been born. The atomic spins were permanently aligned to one specific geographic field of energy. I was advised to send my findings to the National Research Council of Canada. Judging from the contents of their eventual letter of reply, I suspect my findings were filed away under the letter "C" for "Crack-pot".

However, a few years later, an article entitled Electrical Effects In Bone by C. A. Bassett appeared in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, the October 1965 issue. This article substantiated the fact that there was an electrical field in bone.

When bone is mechanically deformed, it generates a small electric current. This suggests that the changes that occur in living bone when it is under mechanical stress are mediated by electric fields.

The article tended to slant the analysis towards "chemistry" without apparent suspicion towards a permanent magnetic atomic spin alignment. In our work, we slant the analysis toward "the permanent magnetic field in the bone structure", initiating and relaying the messages to the chemistry, and then they work in coordination, with an interplay between the two.

Bones are composed largely of hard mineral crystals and appear to have much in common magnetically with crystals. Referring back to an article on crystals in the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, the July 1966 issue,

If the electrons are highly polarized and the solid has the right crystal structure, the local fields at each nuclear site will all be in the same direction. Therefore, the nuclei become polarized - as if they were in that same strong field.

I feel we have ample justification for slanting our analysis on the permanent magnetic alignment, and in order to further substantiate it, we are going to detail shortly the method used when wrong magnetic messages in bones were corrected to right magnetic messages. The results were regarded generally as fantastic. They were definitely not miracles, but merely a correction of angle of momentum spins in the nuclei of the atoms - spins that were unwittingly put out of phase through the use of X-rays.

We all hear and read prose and cons with regards to X-rays. A recent article on the "pro" side was titled, MEDICAL EXPERT SAYS X-RAYS ARE HARMLESS. They use themselves as examples of having annual X-rays of chest, etc., and finalize by suggesting that they, themselves, are perfectly healthy and unharmed. It is largely relative, and we may ask, "Does 'perfectly healthy' include periodic back-aches, sinus trouble, annual colds, perhaps a little twinge of arthritis, the odd headache, nervous tension, and increasing eye strain?" A great many people of middle age today would think they were very healthy if that was all they had wrong with them. These are generally regarded as only normal complaints, common to nearly everyone and are consequently accepted as such. A few years ago, I admit that I was no different from many, with my acceptance of aches and miscellaneous upsets which I, too, regarded at the time as normal. However, I now realize that we should not accept these as normal, and further, it is generally within our atomic power to adjust them all. These are adjustments that both my husband and I have largely achieved, and at the age of nearly sixty, we can now enjoy each day fully, without the use of medical drugs - unhampered by the threat of any nagging pains, nervous tension, or other discomforts.

colleen linn

Colleen Linn

The wires cross as she aligns in her channel.

wendy mcastocker

Wendy Mcastocker

Wendy has the distinction of being the first to stand directly over her Vivaxis.

bessie o'connor

Bessie O'connor

Detecting her channel through the feel of energies in her fingers.

sally carnac

Sally Carnac

Demonstrating correct posture when aligned in her channel.

Sally aligned sideways in her channel

Sally aligned sideways in her channel showing position of angle wires.

Our attractive young model, Sally Carnac, has successfully learned to harness her magnetic energies through polarizing Her story is told in part, in a letter received by her mother.

The eyes can often act as a useful example of what conflicting fields of X-ray do to the muscles.

Try this test on yourself: Select the very smallest written print that is possible for you to read without your glasses. While you are reading this, flex some of your X-rayed bones, i.e. if you have teeth and chest X-rays, chomp your teeth together, and while breathing deeply, also press on a bone of the chest. Ninety per cent of the time, the participant will, after a short interval of about eight seconds, be unable to read further. The print becomes confused and jumbled under the influence of the conflicting wave circuits. When the same test is conducted after he has re-aligned his atomic spins to coordinate with his own, no difficulty is generally encountered in deciphering the same print. Corrections of teeth X-rays alone, not only helps to gradually strengthen eye muscles, but sinus and all related respiratory troubles usually dissipate rapidly. Further, they dissipate suddenly enough to leave no doubt of the direct connection and the fundamental underlying cause.

One vivid and possibly rather extreme example we witnessed just last week. She was an attractive young nurse in her mid-twenties. I had not seen her for a number of years, but I could not help noticing that her face was abnormally swollen. She visited me, eager for information as she related her story. In nursing, annual X-rays of the chest were the order, and besides these, four years ago, she had had a considerable amount of corrective dental work done, with a succession of teeth X-rays. At the precious stage of life for a young girl, when one should be full of fun and animated chatter, her jaw was seizing up.

"I talked as if I had marbles in my mouth. I found it most embarrassing." She continued, "My jaw would also have a tendency to make a cracking sound." Singing lessons were tried in an effort to improve the flexibility, but the underlying cause was only being further aggravated. Painful arthritis of the jaw was the next diagnosis, with further X-rays. I audibly groaned at this point of her relating, for recently I have had several young people brought to me with serious atomic conflictions aggravated also by successive X-rays.

However, young people around us are beginning to catch on, and it was her younger sister who correctly determined her alignment for her, and she polarized under her sister's direction. Her eyes shone in proud recognition as she continued, "It was tremendous! All of a sudden my jaw started to flex in a coordinated way. I felt it happen so suddenly it astounded me." The swelling associated with the trouble disappeared within a few hours and she demonstrated how she could now manoeuvre her mouth and jaw with ease.