Why and how the teamwork of two distinct electromagnetic waves with rotations in opposite directions but both travelling towards a common Vivaxis, are essential to make a circuit connection complete.

It has been mentioned before that there is a change of direction of energy wave flow that can be detected in our circuit whenever we move from ground above our Vivaxis level to ground below our Vivaxis level, or visa versa. Many have been able to determine the exact level of ground on which their Vivaxis is situated because of this characteristic changeover at that level. The changeover can be detected in both the left and right hands.

The following tests and observations are unfortunately not applicable to those who have extra conflicting circuits introduced each time that an X-rayed bone is flexed as they walk or move. After, however, all conflictions have been deliberately repolarized effectively, observations are that their pattern of direction of energy flow becomes definite, and corresponds with the sample case of Judy's, outlined below. As one walks this pattern and the tests can be a good gauge to determine if all conflicting circuits have been successfully repolarized.

The following observations are applicable only to those who have a normal uninterrupted two-way circuit to one Vivaxis only. As a sample case we have selected that of a female, whom we will call Judy. Judy's Vivaxis is located possibly hundreds of miles away, but at an elevation of thirty-four feet above sea level. She is observing the changes in vertical directions of her energy wave flow as she walks above, and then below the thirty-four foot ground elevation; and also the definite pattern when she is standing exactly on that thirty-four foot level.

In the first observations she is using two swivel chains with a round rubber on the end. They were in fact borrowed from the wash basin, but they had characteristics ideal for recording energy wave flow. The swivel held at one end gave freedom of spontaneous action, while the round rubber plug on the other end recorded the motion effectively. Both chains are held suspended down in separate hands, and allowed to swing freely and spontaneously without initiated thought.

Judy realizes for circuit observation, the necessity also of keeping both her legs apart while she stands or walks. The principle in application is much the same as two groundings for an electric circuit. She briefly tests this principle of a two-way grounding, first by standing out of the channel to her Vivaxis, with legs apart, and noting how the suspended chain in one hand is alive and circulates. The direction of her energy wave flow is travelling up through the left hand and down through the right hand. The right hand is in turn transferring the energy waves to the chain, causing it to circulate strongly. The chain in the left hand, in contrast, has no movement, for the direction in energy flow in her left hand is travelling away from the chain.

Next, to test the importance of a two-way grounding with her legs, Judy now stands with her legs touching each other. The direction of energy flow is altered and cuts out of her hands. The chains in both hands are now lifeless and without the former energy flow being transferred into the right hand chain. Judy now places her feet apart, and the direction of energy flow is again transferred from her right hand into the chain, which circulates in response. As she walks the circulating energies gather momentum in her right chain, for Judy has no conflicting X-ray circuit, so the direction of vertical energy wave flow remains constant toward her Vivaxis.

We picture Judy now fifty feet above sea level, the chain circulating spontaneously and vigorously in her right hand as she walks downhill. She pauses at the thirty-four foot elevation, for at this elevation both the left and right chains circulate -one clockwise, the other counterclockwise. This is the elevation of Judy's Vivaxis, and all tests show how her energy flow is at this point changing from vertical down spins to a horizontal plane. As she moves farther downhill her spins again revert to vertical, but this time travelling up. The changeover is noted in her left hand. As she walks the chain in that hand has the direction of energy wave flow now transferred into it, causing it to rotate vigorously. The right hand, in contrast, has lost its former motion. This pattern continues as Judy walks uphill, until she reaches her Vivaxis elevation of thirty-four feet. As she moves slightly up from this level, the direction of energy flow is transferred into the right hand again, and the motion in the left hand chain stops; while the right hand chain takes over the recording of the energy wave flow now activating it.

Next, Judy observes the change of direction of energy waves above and below the elevation of her Vivaxis with the use of angle wires. As she walks downhill towards the thirty-four foot elevation, she observes with interest how the angle wires in her hands pick up and definitely hold two directions. She might change directions, yet one angle wire tenaciously holds the direction towards her Vivaxis, while the other has a wave vector travelling in the opposite direction to her Vivaxis. This became a fixation during the time that she was walking. But as she reached the elevation of thirty-four feet, the direction of energy flow changing from a vertical to a horizontal field was illustrated again very definitely. Judy remained on that elevation, and testing facing to various directions, she noted that her angle wires both turned in parallel to each other - with a predominance generally towards north and south. This pattern was strong in the wires, and had a definite identity to the level of the Vivaxis. The head is the master wave-receiving platform, and tests showed that the elevation of the head was the determining factor. However, if Judy faced aligned directly toward her Vivaxis, the angle wire crossed in the normal pattern, regardless of what elevation she was located, the thirty-four foot level included.

We feel, perhaps, one of the most interesting observations we have made with the direction of energy flow, was done through separating and isolating the two different groups of quanta flowing from either hand, and observing their essential teamwork. This is outlined in the following experiments.

Procedure for producing magnetism in two needles and separating our left and right radiation quanta:

The method used was, Judy holds two unmagnetized steel needles, one in the right hand and the other in the left - the eye of the needle held between the forefinger and thumb, and positioned so that the metal of the needle rests against the whorl of the forefinger. Because Judy's Vivaxis is presently located on a level below her, she holds the points of both needles vertically down. She polarizes rapidly, walking forward about six steps and then reversing backwards six steps, taking care to keep in the same alignment to her Vivaxis. Care was also taken to adhere to all accurate rules of polarizing - spine erect and head held straight.