At times in her search Fran was prompted to start writing up the knowledge she had gained. On reading through her notes I found that most of it was excellent, and so, for the most part, these notes will be used. My task will be to set them up in an orderly pattern, writing only what is necessary. Fran writes as follows:

Harry Moody's book, THE HUMAN MACHINE, is a very well-documented and easily comprehended study concerning many aspects of the human nervous system in relation to physics. He describes the human body as an atomic power plant in the strictest sense. He should be complimented on his open-minded comments and encouragement to the reader to explore further for the many answers to facts of our biology and physics that remain unanswered. He suggests that the general plan of his book is to furnish information which is essential to develop more complicated ideas. I read his book only a month ago. I particularly liked his advice - "Accept the challenge and you will find green pastures to feed your curiosity about the wonders of the body in which we live."

This is exactly what I set out to do six years ago. At first it was more circumstantial than planned. However, the immensity of my earlier findings propelled me into six years of constant thought and research, all of which led me essentially to the discovery of how our bodies became polarized to the energies and magnetism of the earth at a given point, generally the field of magnetism into which we were born - our birthright.

The main issue in this book is to illustrate the tremendous importance of the continuity of an uninterrupted individual electromagnetic circuit to a well-functioning body and system-of how the knowledge of this fundamental part of our biology can be constructively utilized. Furthermore, the detrimental effects produced by disrupting this organized pattern of our individual magnetic energy, we have proved consistently.

Our research has focused special attention on X-rays during the past year. We found that an X-rayed bone had acquired another polarized field of energy which resulted in a foreign energy wave circuit, different from our own.

I have tried in vain to get biologists and doctors to assist us in research, hoping that with their co-operation much could be done electronically. I cannot help but feel now that it was better that we were forced to go the whole way bv ourselves. I realize what had to be found out could probably have been done in no other way. Experiments are sensitive and are altered by the interference of other fields of energy agnets, transformers, electrical equipment, planes overhead, and all other polarized bodies, including the thought waves transferred by spectators to the participants. All these would have influenced and defeated what we were searching for. The knowledge of this interference in isolating an energy wave has been paramount in all my tests and research.

The comment was made that "this was science in its purest form." There is more truth than fiction in this comment, for Nature, through waves, is telling a story about the origin of the energies that control our central nervous system. How true this story is told can well be assessed by the story of Graham, for there is no better proof than living proof. It was through the disrupted wave pattern given off from static electricity that I was able to pinpoint the troubled areas in his head.

How polarizing is done and corrections made will be deliberately left untold until later in this book. Then I will endeavour to describe, step by step, the sequence of events and findings that led to the knowledge and eventually to the effective use and harnessing of these energies.

Graham's story has a scientific illustration value of the potencies of our energy waves when properly channelled, plus a heart-rending story of the tremendous tragedy inflicted through the use of X-rays. Unawareness of the origin and wave mechanics of these energy waves unfortunately creates in turn an unawareness of their disruption. The change caused by X-ray to the polarized alignment in the bones is instant, but often the disruption to the nervous system, glands, and cells, is cumulative throughout the years, and for this reason the damage is not correctly associated with the X-ray. Each time an X-rayed bone is stimulated by movement or stress, a recognizable pattern of wave interference can be detected throughout the nervous system, the motor neuron associated with that particular limb and in the heart.

Time appears to do little to erase this interference. However, the knowledge we have gained through the past years has enabled us to largely counteract these conflicting fields of energy introduced by X-rays. This is done by a simple system of channelling and polarization. The results confirm the principle. With all participants the results have been extremely consistent, rewarding, and often spectacular - many involving cases which doctors have pronounced incurable.

In Graham's story we have a good illustration of this. First, I'll mention the sequence of events in his life in trying to find a cure for him. These were given to my co-author, Bessie O'Connor, by Graham's mother who has read and corroborated the manuscript.

There must be many, many cases as heartrending as Graham's, where broken-hearted parents were finally forced to give up, and the child confined to a mental home. Yet never have I heard of a case of greater devotion, sacrifice, and courage. The conviction that her son had a brain which, could it be unlocked, would be equal to any, possessed Graham's mother.

This led her to keep indomitably on to try any method she thought had hope.

Graham was born in August, 1951. He weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz. He had been X-rayed at the fetus stage of five months to confirm his position. At birth he was a weak baby, though he gained well the first year. He was subject to many colds. Although he was a quiet baby, loving and gentle, it became apparent that he was not developing normally. At the age of thirty months he was not walking or talking and he would deliberately bump his head, mostly on sharp corners, until his forehead was bruised. His parents then changed doctors. He was found to be 49 per cent anemic and was given iron and B-vitamins. He walked at thirty-three months.

The parents, still worried over his slow progress, next took Graham to a sanitarium in Denver. Here a set of X-rays were taken of his head. After four months of the sanitarium treatment, the mother related, the family received back a little monster. From this time until a month ago this family has known no peace. Home life became a nightmare, and constant watching and care of the child became necessary. Graham seemed possessed of a demon. He literally could not keep still. Without warning he would pull, bump, tear, hit, and bite anything or anybody. Biting and scratching, especially people, was done from behind, and his sister still carries scars. With his head down he would charge at things, often family members. His father is now minus a tooth from one of these charges.