To many people thought waves have a vaporous quality that they often find difficult to associate with electronics. The research focused on our circuit to our Vivaxis would have been far less complicated if thought waves did not factually exist. Our central nervous system controls our brain, as well as most of our other vital organs and muscles. We constantly witnessed the wave interference caused by a spectator concentrating on a participant. Their wave circuits become linked. We used carbon circuits to check for concrete evidence of this linking. The tests were conducted only at normal times, when the local magnetic and gravitational field of energy was steady, at which time light appears to be polarized.

The method used to make a carbon circuit test - Illustration I: Dick, who was the person testing for us, drew a carbon circuit, then waited for thirty seconds for circuit energies to sort out and settle into a steady pattern, each group of quanta separating in relation to each other. He then stood relaxed with his feet grounded slightly apart, hands held down by his sides (not clasped). Then he concentrated hard, focusing his memory on one person, John, someone whose associated radiation he had at one time absorbed and filed away in his memory. After an interval of approximately thirty seconds, the wave-transmitter took directional readings of the carbon circuit. He noted the change of the vector of the wave at the opposite end of the circuit. The wave-transmitter realized that this indicated another male's radiation energies had been added to the circuit. The reading from the middle of the circuit was unchanged, with vector reading to the Vivaxis of the circuit. At the beginning of the circuit, the wave vector pointed toward Dick. At the extreme end of the circuit, his angle wire picked up the direction of John.

For purpose of experiment, suppose we had John located nearby, but out of sight. If John aligned and polarized in his own channel and wave length to his Vivaxis, the wave-transmitter testing the circuit would become immediately aware of it, as all other energies would be cancelled out of the circuit. The wave vector would indicate a complete, closed circuit to John and his own Vivaxis. It is interesting to note that John's radiation was introduced into the carbon circuit only through Dick's thought wave of John, yet the link was just as strong as if the contact had been a physical one.

Some people appear to have an ability of projecting themselves into those they are in close contact with. It is this type that are apt at concentrating on a friend and linking by thought wave. It takes deep and deliberate concentration for at least thirty seconds. My husband, Dick, excels in this phase of the research, and those like him who have outgoing and friendly personalities, plus the ability of intense concentration.

Illustration II. Testing the memory gland: Dick first polarized in his own channel to cancel out the foreign radiation introduced by any previous test. Then, positioned out of his own channel, he concentrated his thoughts to another friend, Archie, and remained concentrating on him during the interval that the wave-transmitter was picking up individual wave readings directly from his memory gland - a gland located on the right side of the head, directly at the base of the skull. The wave-transmitter was able to pick up the outgoing wave from Dick's memory gland by placing the middle finger of one hand directly on the point where the gland is located. The angle wire held in the other hand had the character of the radiation and wave length associated with Archie transferred to it. It sought the direction of Archie - the rule of like wave seeking its counterpart.

To confirm the correct direction, Dick then positioned, facing into the channel indicated. If correct, directional readings taken from any part of his upper torso, all converged on the same geographic point - the point where Archie was located. His characteristic radiation was apparently sending off telltale signals. Readings from the waist down had a predominance to Dick's own Vivaxis.

We have here some noteworthy and interesting observations. The acid body fluids are probably responsible for absorbing the radiation, and under the influence of the atomic pattern of the radiation, aligning their atomic spins to coordinate. Again, we witness how the energy waves sort and separate themselves according to their identity. The question also arises - why does the wave seek Archie rather than his Vivaxis?

In all polarized and magnetized bodies or objects, we witness two distinct and predominant energies - one is incomplete without the other. In contacts with Archie, Dick probably absorbed only one of his magnetic energies. On further speculation, this incomplete magnetism filed in Dick's memory is stimulated by thought wave - the incomplete magnetic wave seeking its related counterpart in Archie.

For a more comprehensive understanding and breakdown of how these right quanta and left quanta work as a team in magnetism, I devised a simple method for separating the two. I was then able to observe their magnetic powers, working together as a team, and the loss of energy when one or the other lost its mate. Further observation was made of how, when they were separated, the other would correctly locate and link up by wave to its counterpart. We will later give this subject the coverage it deserves, but first a few concluding comments on thought-wave interference caused by spectators, is in order.

It is impossible to isolate and trace a wave with spectators observing and concentrating. This completely defeats what you are searching for, and no true story can be told. The only story told is that their wave length has become linked into the circuit, causing circuit interference and often, complete wave cancellation. In checking out the validity of a test, we often have a co-worker manoeuvring out of sight of the wave-transmitter. Care has to be taken by the co-worker not to transfer his radiation by physical contact with the object being tested. For transferring objects from one place to another, tweezers and a tray are commonly used. The co-worker is also instructed to avoid concentrating on the wave-transmitter, and a suggested method is to repeat as a chant, One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four, to avoid this temptation.

An efficient wave-transmitter should also avoid any concentration, and keep his mind neutral. This knowledge of a person becoming linked by thought waves, and also by waves absorbed through their eyes, is an ever-present hurdle, and one that has to be continually guarded against and compensated for.

After working with wave circuits and thought wave connection, one can readily understand the stories of dogs locating their homes and masters from incredible distances.