Scientists and doctors are continually searching for the energy that motivates our body cells. They have discovered amazing things about the chemical workings of the cells in providing electrical currents, but as yet they have not found what initially produces this charge. Dr. Wilder Penfield in his book, SPEECH AND BRAIN MECHANICS, tells us that the human brain contains ten billion nerve cells, and that each nerve cell may be able to generate within itself. He points out that there is a brain-mind boundary that neurophysiologists recognize and are trying to reach. But as they approach this boundary an impasse is reached beyond which known methods cannot take them.

Dr. Penfield also points out that Lord Adrian had said that this problem would finally be "solved by some enlargement of natural science."

Further he says, "We are trying to create that enlargement today, but we must not be too impatient in our desire to complete the quest. After all, it is the 'revelation of the mystery which was kept secret since the world began'* that we are seeking."

"And if the day should ever dawn when scientific analysis of body and brain solves the 'mystery', all men who have sought the truth in all sincerity will rejoice alike."

*Romans 16:25.

It is hoped this book might in part explain the "impasse" and "mystery" that Dr. Penfield refers to.

In the past years of Fran's research there have been many proofs of the efficacy of the application of this knowledge, perhaps it is best to start with my own. The more spectacular results will follow, as well as references to others. Had I not had this experience the implications of this knowledge would no doubt have affected me to a much lesser degree. Certain terms are necessarily used which will be later explained.

My entry into the picture really began when a mutual friend told me a little about Fran's work. Already having great interest along this line, I knew I must see her - and this feeling was reciprocal. She phoned me early in February asking me to visit her. This I was most anxious to do, but I could not. For two days I had been feeling wretched with what was developing into a huge boil on my back at the waist. Here I was, confined to the house and having to stay in my loose night attire! Never having had a boil, but familiar with how to deal with one, I was not too worried. The next morning, after a painful night, I found that my boil was a carbuncle with no less than six heads and covering an area as big as a teacup top. No wonder, I thought, that I'm miserable! Yet not only was there this six-headed monster in my back, but soreness was developing under my arm. Examining it, I found three more boils, swollen and red, reaching from the waistline upward, just in front of my armpit.

Fran had said, when I told her about the boils, "Come over and I will introduce you to a law of physics that acts as an antibody to counteract bacteria - and it works!" I was most interested, but this approach to Fran's knowledge was not planned, believe me! However, the following day, in spite of the pain and mal-feeling, I decided to go. After preliminary greetings, Fran checked the boils and explained a little about the electromagnetic forces that control the make-up of our body cells. Instinctively I knew she was right. One of Fran's first questions was, "What X-rays have you had?" The next step was to find my channel and to "polarize" myself to eliminate the foreign fields of energy which X-rays introduce into the body. In my case, not only had I had X-rays of chest, spine, and abdomen, but a year previously I had nearly died in an attack of "heart exhaustion".

I followed the polarizing instructions. Then the miracle happened! In less than ten minutes the boil ceased to pain - and in less than an hour the three other boils had completely disappeared. Here was a vivid example of the teamwork of our right and left quanta waves brought about through the process of polarizing.

The strong two-way polarized circuit appears to create energy antibodies capable of annihilating the foreign bacteria. The before and after was illustrated in the lymph glands located under the armpits. Before polarizing, the right lumph gland had a normal pattern of right quanta waves, but its counterpart, the left quanta waves, were missing in the left lymph gland. This gland was limp and unpolarized, apparently playing host to the foreign bacteria. After polarizing, this left gland then had strong left quanta wave readings and a normal polarized pattern.

The next day I again polarized, but this time Fran (Frances Nixon) had come to my house since I could not locate the direction of my Vivaxis. In between times she told me of her work and it was decided that I should go to her house for checking and re-polarizing if necessary. It is impossible to convey my feelings during the next three days at Fran's house as she and her husband unfolded their tale of experiments and findings.

Fran checked me for X-ray interference. How this is done will be explained later. I then went through polarizing manoeuvres under direction. The immediate effect vr,s that the pains I had had in my arms and shoulders for years, and which doctors had called bursitis, completely disappeared and have not returned.

For years I had also had a feeling of numbness in the area around my eyes and nose. On further checking for X-ray interference, Fran and I found two circuit disruptions, one on my left shoulder blade and another which seemed to cover the left side of my face. Fran wondered if I had had teeth X-rays that might fundamentaUy be the cause of the trouble. When I told her that I had not, the reason for the lack of polarity was puzzling to her. I racked my brain trying to think what the cause might be, but it was not until two days later that I had a sudden remembrance.

At this point I must interrupt this present story to give a needed explanation. This incident took place in Port Hardy at the north end of Vancouver Island about twenty years ago. At the time, although I had no proof, I had connected it with radio-active fall-out from atomic tests being conducted in the Pacific Ocean. Since Port Hardy is very close to the path of ocean currents and winds sweeping in from the West, I presumed this fall-out had come in from there. Some people will remember the newspaper pictures of pitted windshields in northern British Columbia at this time. There were some in Port Hardy also. At the same time, about a dozen people there were affected by something that the local doctor called a form of spinal meningitis. The symptoms were a seeming paralysis of parts of the body. My daughter, my husband, a teacher who was staying with us, and I, myself, were affected. In my own case and that of my husband's, the left sides of our faces and noses were completely numb. We could not think properly and it felt as if we had a type of flu. In my daughter's and the teacher's cases, their legs would not respond properly. In fact, their legs seemed pliable, the bones like semi-cooked macaroni. (I have since learned that Strontium-90 replaces calcium in bones if there is a calcium shortage.) At this time I wrote to the University of British Columbia's Department of Science. I cannot remember getting a reply, and as far as I know, no investigation was made.

This must be the explanation of the feeling of numbness in my nose and the almost continual ache over my eyes for a period of years! Under direction I polarized, and the numbness and ache disappeared and have never returned.

Within a few days the last vestiges of the carbuncle had gone. Bodily aches to which I had grown accustomed just vanished! The circuit blockage in the rib area necessitated polarizing at regular periods for a much longer time. At last, this too, has succumbed. I feel wonderfully well and feel much gratitude to Fran and her discovery of this electromagnetic energy circuit. Yet, wonderful as my return to health is, this is only a very small part of the story of this life-line.