Her willingness to explore and play the part of a human guinea-pig led us to experimenting with her reaction when changes of energy were stimulated directly over her left side's Vivaxis, located in the bedroom.

Recalling the tests conducted with the calcium tablets and salt, we now placed a bag of rock salt over Edith's Vivaxis. She was testing out of sight in an adjoining room - a pendulum suspended from her left-hand fingers while her right hand was laid against her right leg. When in her channel, facing directly to her new Vivaxis, the pendulum in her left hand would swing back and forth. When salt was placed over her Vivaxis, she was able consistently to detect the disruption, for the circuit was temporarily cut and the pendulum stopped in its tracks.

Consideration has to be given in timing during tests so as not to confuse the cutting-out with normal periodical slowing down of the swinging pendulum - a slowing down that recurs approximately every thirty-four seconds, as the wave reaches the Vivaxis, where it changes direction of rotation and returns. When a person walked across her Vivaxis, stood for a few seconds on it, Edith could feel and detect the change and fluctuation of energy pattern in her swinging pendulum.

Experimenting had to be brought to an abrupt end, for Edith began to feel dizzy and lost her balance. Her balance was unsteady for several days later and her walk uncoordinated. That terminated her role of guinea-pig - for the former damage to the myelin sheath covering the nerves made her very vulnerable; and also the efficiency of her energy circuits, as a result, were not that of a normal person.

After Edith left us her condition remained generally the same. Polarizing she had to use as a daily crutch to help keep her mobile. Some of the contributing causes of the malady still existed, and as a result she was constantly having to fight her balance. Several years passed before we advanced sufficiently in our findings to be able to correct one of the main underlying causes of her poor balance and circuit disruption -X-rays to the pelvic bone dating back twenty years.

In May, 1967,I received word that Edith had been stricken with another attack of paralysis and was in the Nanaimo hospital. Her doctor found it hard to associate this case with multiple sclerosis. "How could her muscles and flesh possibly be that firm?" they had commented. They sent for the reports from doctors in Port Moody who had treated Edith during her previous attack of paralysis - paralysis dating back prior to polarizing. The reports confirmed her condition definitely as multiple sclerosis, but these reports only left the attending doctors even more perplexed. Edith felt at the time that it would be futile to try to explain. At my suggestion, she was brought back here a few days after she came from the hospital. There had been another circuit shorting out, but by this time we had acquired further knowledge which gave us experience against constant and continuing disruptions introduced through the foreign radiation of X-rays. Edith, also, had the advantage now of having her muscles and general health built up.

This time our approach was different. Through static wave patterns, I picked up trouble areas directly at the site of several neurons in the cortex of her skull. These areas I stimulated by gentle tapping with a long-handled wooden spoon-stimulating while she was placed, sitting in a swivel chair, facing directly into her correct wave channel to Winnipeg. This procedure was next repeated with her facing toward the opposite direction. This appears to re-establish a circuit, which in turn possibly dissipates accumulations and blockages.

This is the type of wave mechanics that often has to be played by feel. The eventual objective is to strive to re-establish the same continuity of wave pattern the person was originally born with. I can only guide and pass on our biological findings. Each individual has to tune into his own Vivaxis, and through polarizing create a stronger circuit of his own.

Sometimes the trouble is initiated in a neuron located in the cortex of the skull. The skull's cortex can be regarded as the main receiving and sending platform of our electromagnetic waves. In other instances, I will detect the trouble pattern in a neuron of the cortex, but the trouble will be originating in the limbs or organ connected with that particular neuron. There is always an interplay between the two.

Our next step with Edith was to get each X-rayed bone depolarized, and re-polarized with her own radiation. The left side, with a Vivaxis in our bedroom, was treated like an X-ray, de-polarized and re-polarized. The method of this process will be detailed in the next chapter covering X-rays. It took considerable time and persistence in Edith's case - first, because of her difficulty in walking and balancing; secondly, on account of the extent of her X-rays. However, her efforts paid off in rich rewards.

With each step of polarizing, her energies gained a little momentum, but the big change came when we finally pounded away at the X-rays in the pelvic bone - X-rays she had been subjected to over twenty years earlier. Half an hour later she was gracefully executing a hula dance to an Hawaiian record.

We called in two friends and neighbours, Eva Hyde and Mudge MacAstocker, who had given considerable time and interest to this research. They shared in Edith's elation as she demonstrated her newly-acquired ability to move her limbs. "I'm now not having to fight my balance as I did before and look, I can now bring my knees together when I sit. I haven't been able to do this for twenty years. It's been a tremendous embarrassment to me having to always sit with my legs apart all these years," she smilingly concluded. Her hands plucked at the material of her dress as she further commented, "I can now feel the texture of this material. I haven't been able to feel textures of things I've touched for years."

I drove her to her home in Nanaimo the next day. Shortly after, she wrote a letter* which I've asked her permission to publish, for it was written spontaneously and with no thought of it being used for illustration purposes.

*Dear Fran: May 3/67

Thank you more than words can say for having me with you and doing so much for me in helping me to, once again, walk like a normal human being.

Sandra came up to see me yesterday and was so sorry about Saturday. She got involved in a mix up where she bought her typewriter - first they had misplaced it & then they found something was wrong with it - so she didn't get it all cleared up until 4.30. She can't get over how well I now walk so she took me 'by bus' back to her place and then cut my hair so it will be easier to handle & I might once again do my own hair!

You've really given me back a wonderful normal way of life.

Harold just gaped when he saw how well I walked so took me out to dinner on Saturday night. Boy, it was such a gloriously exciting day!

Thank you once again, Fran, and give Dick our regards.

As ever,