Angle of Momentum Spin - The angle of the axis at which a spinning atom or object produces an electromagnetic force.

Angular Momentum - The electromagnetic force given off by an object when it is spinning on an axis at a certain angle.

Atomic Nucleus - The Nucleus of an atom consists of two types of sub-atomic particles - protons and neutrons. The proton carries a positive charge, while the neutron is electrically neutral. Together these form the main centre of the atom, around which electrons revolve. In many atoms this centre is referred to as the "atomic nuclei".

Channelling - Head and body faced directly in the determined wave channel in line to their Vivaxis. (See Chapter 18)

Cortex of the Skull - A layer of grey matter directly layered under the skull - nerve cells form the outer layer - the cortex.

Energies of the Local Field - We move in an atmosphere of energy waves at all times, The energies of the local field are those waves immediately surrounding us. They form a network of horizontal and vertical waves travelling predominantly in a north and south direction.

Magnetic Moment - A spinning charged particle - for example an electron or proton, will have electromagnetic properties much like a very small bar magnet. The strength of these tiny electromagnets is called the magnetic moment.

Neuron - Single nerve cell. A motor neuron is joined at one end to a single voluntary muscle fibre. The neuron and muscle-fibre together form a single unit; if the neuron is damaged, the muscle fibre will shrink. Electrical and magnetic wave impulses are transported along the neurons. Each neuron has a section which receives impulses and another section that transmits impulses.

Polarize - As applied to the human body occurring during channeling. To tilt the atomic spins into a coordinated pattern, all travelling towards one source of energy to a Vivaxis. (See Chapter 18)

Quanta - Electromagnetic radiation forming a stream of energy-bundles into which are packed the energy associated with the radiation. These energy-bundles are known as "quanta".

Related Energies - Related energies, referred to, are in reality magnetic energies. The world as a whole appears to behave as one magnetic unit. Energies polarized into an object in proper sequence are all related. These magnetic energies follow in consecutive order in relation to their geographical, vertical, and horizontal position. They are spin-coordinated and work as a magnetic unit.

Solunar Tables - Tables, often printed for information for sportsmen, showing the hours of gravitational influences in the local field of energies - predominantly influenced by the sun and moon - the same energies that move the tides. They vary in time according to the various locations. These gravitational pulls have certain influences on the central nervous system, affecting all animals, man included.

Unrelated energies - Energies from several different magnetic fields which will not work as a unit.

Wave Channel - There is normally a wave flow of energy linking a person to his Vivaxis. These energy waves travel in a defined channel, horizontally and vertically towards the direction of the person's Vivaxis. (See Chapter 18)

Wave Reading - The pattern of wave impulses picked up from a polarized object or person and transferred into the atomic structure of an angle wire. The wave reading is the course and direction of the energy wave flow as recorded by the angle wire.

Wave Vector - The direction of energy wave flow.

Pendulum Testing - Instrument - Short swivel chain, convenient for use while sitting. Long swivel chain - the type found in basins.

Hand to be used - the hand in which the energy flow is normally travelling down; as indicated by the circulating motion of the chain when standing with legs apart. Method of holding - hold suspended down between thumb and forefinger. Keep the same designated end for holding.

Grounding - while testing have the other hand grounded on a solid surface - legs separated and not touching furniture. Tests should be brief - a test becomes invalid if prolonged as the tester absorbs too much of the radiation. The first reaction observed within a 30 second period tells the true story.

Cancelling out - the foreign radiation should be cancelled out by grounding both hands on furniture. The chain dropped several times to help neutralize the magnetic influences.