Any misgivings she might have harboured were erased and her hope turned to a conviction that if anything could help, this could. I suspect there was a prayer in the mother's heart when she now pleaded that we try polarizing with Graham. Willingly a statement was signed to the effect that it was her decision and she would take full responsibility.

I now tested to get the wave pattern of Graham's skull. It was characteristic of X-rays conflicting fields of energy, creating a state of wild static electricity. It was the worst I had ever encountered - horrifying to feel and witness. It illustrated the torment and the world of hell he must have lived in - a Frankenstein nightmare! It explained why Graham would wake up at night from restless sleep to walk around with his head in his hands, pathetically whimpering, "hurt, hurt". It illustrated also the reason for his acts of violence in a world that indeed must have seemed hostile. Hostile, except for the blessing of a mother who was exceptional in her qualities of deep understanding and kindness.

I was extremely dubious at the time about the possibility of being able to trace or re-establish his permanent energy pattern, as X-rays had been so extensive over the head and torso. I used the ear lobes and the knees. In these areas I picked up a consistent wave pattern - consistent to where he was born in Calgary. I felt hope.

Graham's fate was now in his own hands. We could only give directions; he would have to carry out the manoeuvres. Alignment has to be extremely accurate and precise in movements conforming to certain rules of polarizing. The first step is to disrupt the foreign field of radiation introduced by X-ray. It took considerable perseverance and patience. We could not have succeeded without the help of his mother, for between the two there was a deep bond of understanding and communication.

However, Graham succeeded sufficiently to get the bone of his skull in a co-ordinated magnetic pattern, a pattern that now largely showed no influences from conflicting energy waves. The static electricity disappeared except in one small area located on the left hemisphere towards the top of the skull.

This was the first step - and a big one. It was decided to test his tolerance for about ten days before continuing further.

What had Graham gained by this preliminary polarizing? What effect did this new co-ordinated magnetic pattern (detected in the skull bone) have on him?

Two definite changes and improvements were noted by his mother. On the return trip to Vancouver, later that day, Graham started to express thoughts using a few compound sentences. To his mother's surprise, he started talking about his uncle and asking questions with some intelligence. This was an illustration of the power of a more coherent magnetic wave pattern. It was a relieved contrast to the former guttural repetitious chant, "This pretty, Mum. This pretty, Mum" - his thoughts trapped and going around like a squirrel in a cage -a cage of wild static electricity.

That night and the following nights Graham further surprised his parents by sleeping soundly throughout the entire nights. In fact, they complained of having to wake him up in the mornings. His mother wondered if she should be worried about his sleeping too much. I suggested that this was good as the boy was probably suffering from nervous exhaustion. Concern was also expressed that his headaches still continued.

On May 14, 1968, Graham returned with his mother. They stayed at a nearby auto-court for a few days while Graham followed up with polarizing other areas in his torso and wrist that had been X-rayed. Since his first visit, Graham had been flown to the Philadelphia clinic. This was a commitment to an appointment made several months earlier. They reported improvement in his I.Q., but suspected a growth and suggested that if headaches continued, to bring him back in two weeks time for scan and glucose tests.

I concentrated my attention on the trouble area of Graham's skull - the trouble area previously referred to, and which we will call Area A. In this particular area I detected a deviation in wave pattern. It was a deviation characteristic of an electrical potential I had learned to recognize as often associated with a growth. Graham's skull was misshapen and it was especially noticeable in Area A. This was also the usual area on the skull where the neurons of the leg and hands are detected when voluntary movement is made.

Graham's right leg was shorter than his left. This had been noticed shortly after birth. Under instructions of the clinic in Philadelphia, his parents had been trying to daily pattern this right leg. This was done by laying him face down on a table and trying to force the leg up into a bending position. His mother claimed they had found it all but impossible to do. He also had trouble controlling the fingers of the right hand and was unable to hold a pencil in the normal way, but had to clutch it in his fist.

To start, Graham was correctly channelled to his Vivaxis and Area A was stimulated by himself under his mother's direction. About half an hour later he was asked to lie down on the floor and pattern both legs. To his mother's astonishment the right leg came up into a bending position with as much ease as the left, and what is more, without aid or assistance. "This is the first time in his whole life he has been able to do that!" she exclaimed.

To us this was routine and came as no surprise, for we have been familiar with the tremendous power of polarizing for a long time. Furthermore, we have been happily witnessing many others using the principle and with even more dramatic results.

A little analysis at this point should be in order - an analysis based on probability and speculation. Was this deviation in wave pattern now detected in Graham's skull now possibly a growth spawned by a conflicting energy wave pattern - a polarized wave and radiation introduced by X-ray into the cortex of the skull while Graham was a fetus of five months? Could this same X-ray account for Graham's being an extremely anemic baby at birth? For it is now known that many babies, whose mothers have been X-rayed prior to the baby's birth, later succumb to leukemia.

What relation was there between this "suspected growth" and his leg being shorter, with inability to bend it up? The relation here was possibly quite strong, for in all probability fluids had accumulated in and around a growth, plus the building up of an electrical potential. It is conceivable that these would both cause pressure and interference to the neurons operating the knee and hand, although wrist X-rays probably added fuel to this fire. It has been noted that polarizing has a unique ability to dissipate accumulations of fluids and neutralize electrical potentials. This apparently is what happened, with a chain reaction correcting many discrepancies that afflicted Graham.

After having found he could now bend his leg normally, we found he could also control his fingers well enough to hold a pencil correctly. We have kept samples of his writing at each visit. The control is now excellent with little or no trace of the vibrations of a few weeks ago.

When Graham originally came here he was unable to sit up straight. His mother complained that his spine was like jelly and that he had been unable to straighten up since birth. He now can sit straight and erect. The energy that gives the starch is now there. I would like to comment at this point that this limpness of the spine we have often observed in persons who have been subjected to X-rays. It is usually corrected through polarizing treatment.

One thing corrects another and now Graham's balance is improved, his headaches are few, his walking is greatly improved. He has something to smile about now, and it is rewarding indeed when I'm greeted now with expression in his eyes and a faint smile on his lips. The smiles are a true barometer and are noticeably increasing in frequency daily.

The start of personality development was noted by his mother directly after the first polarizing. The following are quotations taken directly from her written notes:

March 27, 1968 - "Graham has improved his humming to carry a tune - not a growl as before.

He has become kinder and shows appreciation. He follows instructions very accurately with immediate response. Prior to polarizing he would not respond to instruction and his face would show a vague expression."

April 29, 1968 - "Our whole family has noticed a tremendous change in Graham's personality."

I can add only that this change corresponds to the tremendous change in wave pattern of Graham's head. We set out to detect the villain. I doubt if many judges would disagree on the verdict.