Subsequently the two polarized needles were tested while they were lying horizontally on a table. First a wave vector reading was taken from the centre of the needle that was polarized with the right hand. This indicated a strong wave vector to Judy's Vivaxis, while the needle polarized in the other hand had a wave vector reading in the opposite direction.

Shuffle them around in position and both always kept their original separate identity, and by the direction of the energy wave flow, a wave-transmitter could correctly identify which needle had been held in right or left hand while magnetizing. Checking the teamwork is essential to complete the circuit.

A co-worker carries off one of the mated needles on a tray into another room. He places a lid from a pot over this mate.

The wave-transmitter testing the centre point of the other needle, immediately becomes aware that the circuit has been cut. He can no longer get a reading; the angle wire wanders. However, after an interval the wave penetrates the lid and the circuit is reinstated.

It is easier to conduct a sequence of tests if lids that do not actually touch the needle are used. We commonly use a saucepan lid, tapping it between tests to eradicate the wave pattern.

The next step is to test your own polarized needles with a suspended pendulum. This is a test that we hope most readers will try, for it will give them an insight into the workings of their own circuit to their Vivaxis, in a way no written words could.

Suggested sequence for testing:

First lay needles in a position not in their channel to their Vivaxis and test the centre point of each needle with your pendulum. Note how the pendulum will normally pull at right angles to the length of the needle. In comparison note as in Fig. 10 when the needles are accurately placed slightly apart in proper sequence of direction of energy wave flow, faced in alignment to their Vivaxis, the pendulum now swings strongly following the direction of both needles in their channel. Lastly, reverse the position of the solid right-hand needle with that of the dotted left-hand needle. Their points are now both pointing the wrong way in the channel. It is interesting to note how the circuit is cut and the pendulum stops dead.

When the test is correctly conducted, it is very easy to detect the difference when the needles are correctly channelled -points facing according to their character of quanta. Irrespective of the positions the needles were juggled into, the right-hand needle always kept the same character of quanta originally introduced into it; while its left-hand mate could also be identified by their consistent magnetic link in opposite directions to their Vivaxis.

Although the character of the quanta remained fixed, the rotations of the travelling electromagnetic waves periodically alternates between clockwise rotating waves and counterclockwise rotating waves. Specifically, when the left-hand needle changed rotations from clockwise rotating waves to counterclockwise rotating waves, the right-hand needle changed simultaneously, but always to the opposite rotation to its mate. If one or the other of the teamed mates were "blacked out", the rotation would cease in the other needle; again illustrating how these two opposing rotations, spawned by the two related groups of quanta, were responsible for the ability of the electromagnetic waves to home into their selected Vivaxis.

One must bear in mind that the participant in this particular test is sharing his Vivaxis. As an example, we will assume that you had polarized the needles with your energies. The magnetized needles are placed on the table and channelled toward your common Vivaxis (see figure 10). They soon monopolize the circuit to a point where you are unable to locate your own Vivaxis channel using two angle wires. However, when the needles are shifted slightly out of direct alignment to your joint Vivaxis you can immediately locate your channel again in the normal manner. It is always recommended to cancel out radiation upon completion of tests. Immersing articles used in ammonia solution is an effective method of cancelling.

In order to substantiate these findings further with visual proof, we polarized leaves, using again the energies of our own channel. The same routine and method that was used with the two needles was repeated, using two leaves. Rose leaves free from blemishes down the centre vein were selected. Care was taken not to transfer the leaves from one hand to the other. They were laid on a table for thirty seconds in order to sever connections with their parent tree. Both leaves were held down, each in its separate hand, with the neurons of the forefinger making contact on the stem of the leaf.

The method used is to hold both leaves, each in its designated hand, then polarize back and forth in one's channel to transfer some of the separate left and right radiation quanta into the atomic structure of each leaf.

The leaves, similar to the two polarized needles, were now a right and left mated team, working jointly to form a complete circuit to their new Vivaxis - a Vivaxis they now shared with the person who polarized them. Observations were also made on their preservation properties and their firm elastic texture, as opposed to leaves picked at the same time but not polarized.

Pattern of left and right quanta coming into Vivaxis

Figure 10. Pattern of left and right quanta coming into Vivaxis, as shown by needles.



Brian assisted in experiments in the early stages of the research.



Our collie dog who, through repolarizing, recovered from complete paralysis to lead a normal life. This picture was taken three years after.

alison eaton

Alison Eaton

Who has been introduced to the wonderful power of polarizing at an early age.



One of the first assistants. He still possesses a leaf which he polarized five years ago, with the energies from a water Vivaxis. This leaf is still firm and intact with a wave vector to that point.

These two distinct right and left groups of radiation quanta, with their reverse motions of rotations, should in all probability be regarded as the most essential and fundamental part of our life. Any disruption to our electromagnetic wave circuit can have serious detrimental effects on our entire system. Disruptions can be caused by one of many things, or collectively to mention a few: viruses, bacteria, insecticides, emotional frustrations, wrong food chemistry - the very food we eat is only acceptable to us if its molecular structure is compatible to our electromagnetic waves. We have repeatedly witnessed how wrong food chemistry can short an electromagnetic circuit.

Our very life is dependent on these wave impulses - energies created by the motions of our atomic structure. These motions in turn are stimulated by the motions of the entire universe. Scientific estimations are that every day of our lives we travel 14,000,000 miles. The entire galaxy and all its parts are in constant dizzying motion. On our own galactic merry-go-round we are moving 500,000 miles an hour. We are also swinging around the sun at 68,000 miles an hour - while in addition the earth is spinning like a top at over 1,000 miles an hour at the equator.

It is the laws of the universe that dictate the physical and fundamental laws of life and nature. This is extremely well-expressed by Arthur S. Gregor, in his book, A SHORT HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE, as follows:

Man is as much a part of the planet as are the birds, the trees, the mountains, the oceans and the continents; and because he is part of the planet he is also part of the universe. The material of his bones, flesh, and blood is the substance of the galaxies. The physical laws that control his movements guide the course of the most distant stars.

The food we eat is absolutely essential to our life, and through its absorption we receive necessary nourishment for cellular growth and energy; but to be absorbed, this nourishment has to be distributed. It is a case, perhaps, that the horse comes before the cart. For years we have observed how poor circulation is improved tremendously through polarizing. Improved circulation brings a chain reaction of improvements, including better distribution and absorption of essential materials and vitamins. The tremendous results received through polarizing are in all probability largely due to an improved circuit, which stimulates circulation.

Nature has designed our bodies to work in one coordinated plan, dictated by the magnetic energies of the earth and universe, and more specifically by the energy pattern of our own assigned Vivaxis. Tampering with this fundamental blueprint puts our central nervous system out of phase and step.

Our system has great recuperative powers - but the recuperative powers are dependent largely on one coordinated electromagnetic circuit - a circuit that should be regarded as a most precious heritage. Any disruption to its atomic continuity can be a serious threat to the efficiency of our entire nervous system and all its controls.

The motions of the earth are bound to create an electric field, and where there is an electric field there is a magnetic field. Back in 1864 Clerk Maxwell published a physics paper predicting wave behaviour that coincides with what we have been observing in our electric magnetic circuit. He showed how a pulsating electric current would produce a pulsating magnetic field in the space that surrounded it, and that this magnetic field would in turn create a chain reaction of electric magnetic fields. This chain of disturbances, he said, would travel across space until it contacted another electric and magnetically similar piece of matter that started the chain reaction process.

In our observations the principles are similar - two different quanta that have originated from a common source of radiation - and their magnetic waves seek other matter with the same common radiation.