This is probably the most important book that you will ever read. The new - old knowledge it contains is the most amazing discovery of our modern times. It is vital and the world is ready for it. It will challenge your intellect as it has never been challenged before, and an about-face in many preconceived ideas will be necessary.

The authors fervently hope these scientific findings of biology will open a door to greater understanding of this planet, of its tremendous effect on our lives, our thoughts, our health, our character and our capabilities.

This book deals with electromagnet waves, their origin, and how they can be controlled and their energies harnessed in the body. This is the heritage you received at birth and to it this book is dedicated.


One might say that the hand of fate has led me to be the one to help organize and write this amazing story. I am still not sure just how I came to play a part in it. My one concern is that I may help to give it the place it deserves.

In my lifetime I have several memorable experiences that have thrilled and exhilarated me but undoubtedly early in the year 1968 a phone call triggered the most rewarding experience of my life. After a period of just over thirty years I again met Frances Nixon and she introduced me to a knowledge of life energies which hold the key to tremendous possibilities. As I write I can still feel the thrill as she unfolded part of a long story covering six years of her careful research with the help and encouragement of her husband and friends. It is difficult to convey the impact effect of this knowledge. I found myself in an exhilarated mental state from which it took three days to recover.

Ever since I can remember I have felt there is a tremendous power keeping me in touch with life's forces. Many writers refer to this energy, force or power and I have read widely in my search for a clue to this source of power. I have strong curiosity and natural intuition, perhaps stronger than average, but I am a high school teacher and not a scientist.

If the term scientist can be applied to one who seeks, experimerits, rejects, or accepts the finding, and seeks again, then Frances is a true scientist, working in a field of pure science. I must write at this point that she is a humble person, sweet and kind, who has no aspirations to fame, nor does she claim any special powers herself. She insists that all her findings are factual, and once understood, can be used by anyone. They have been repeatedly checked by herself and by colleagues assisting in the experiments. These were always set up in such a manner as to eliminate guesswork. There were deviations, but these proved to be a useful stepping stone. During this time Frances read a great many science books and articles dealing with magnetic energies and in them she found much to substantiate her research.

It seems pertinent at this point to quote a principle of science called Occam's Razor put forth by William of Occam, science philosopher of the Twelfth Century, "You don't need a far fetched maxim when a simple one will do. Why go miles out of your way for an answer when it might be waiting for you right at your front door?"

This is what Frances has done. She has literally found the answer on her own doorstep, an answer so vital that it is an amazing advance to our knowledge of life itself and is the key to the so-far unexplained phenomena of E.S.P. and related subjects.