The atomic strategy behind this and the other cases detailed is to re-align the atomic magnetic moments in the X-rayed bone to co-ordinate their atomic spins with the main body structure.

To originally determine a method of re-alignment, basic facts of our findings first had to be mentally reviewed:

(1) An X-ray confliction is never detected in the magnetic wave circuit of a person unless the X-rayed bone is stimulated by movement, stress, or through extra pressure.

(2) Bone is of crystalline structure and several scientists have demonstrated that like many crystals, it has piezoelectric* properties - piezoelectric bones and crystals both give off electricity when twisted or pressed.

(3) We originally had been polarizing with the ice jug method and without stimulating X-rayed bones.

(4) The body fluids, for almost twenty minutes after polarizing, give strong indications of stepped-up electromagnetic activity.

Appraisal of these points led to determining the method that we are using so successfully today. The principle is simply to upset the atomic spins in the X-rayed bone at the same instant that our own atomic spins are deliberately aligned and polarized - aligned directly towards and in the wave channel to our own Vivaxis. The stimulated bone then comes under the influence of the correct polarized radiation waves and re-aligns its spins to coordinate.

*The name comes from a Greek root, meaning to press or squeeze, and is pronounced pee-ay-zoh. - National Geographic, August, 1968.

Both groups of quanta play an equally dominant roll and so it is essential to polarize, first in one direction and then in the reverse, in order to balance the two different quanta. The techniques of polarizing will be described in Chapter 18.

It was at the inspirational hour of four a.m. that I initially launched into my original experiments with de-polarizing X-rays. I had decided to use my own X-rayed left foot for the trial run. I first tested, while positioned out of my channel. My left hand was held over my heart, picking up the wave pattern, and an angle wire held in the right hand recorded the pattern. Prior to flexing the X-rayed foot, the angle wire recorded the normal wave pattern of an alternating current - alternating in a definite channel towards my Vivaxis, and then in the opposite direction - the two groups of quanta forming a two-way circuit to my Vivaxis. I then flexed my X-rayed foot and the angle wire immediately deviated from its alternating pattern and revolved.

The first step towards attempting re-alignment of atomic spins was to accurately determine my wave channel to my Vivaxis. This established, I walked rapidly back and forth in my channel, adhering to correct positioning and equilibrium of head, shoulders, and back. This was done in order to saturate my body fluids with my own radiation. After approximately thirty seconds, I stopped and faced toward my Vivaxis.

The second step was the stressing of the X-rayed bone. To initially jar it, I stood erect and dropped a two-pound sandbag directly on the foot. I edged it to one side, remaining erect in my channel, flexing and stamping my foot on the floor in a manner designed to stress all the bones in it. After about eight seconds of flexing, I faced in the opposite direction, still in my wave channel. Keeping my correct polarizing posture, I flexed my left foot for another eight seconds. Next, I walked back and forth in my wave channel for about thirty seconds.

Before testing again, I walked around the room for a few minutes to give the atomic spins time to jell and gather momentum. After an interval I stopped, and, out of my channel, repeated the test of holding my heart while flexing my left foot. I flexed and flexed-the alternating wave pattern gathered momentum with the angle wire in my right hand swinging toward my Vivaxis and in the opposite direction in a well-defined two-way circuit. This pattern was now normal and correct. There was no further trace of the revolving motion associated with a wave of another foreign circuit.

It was difficult, in my excitement, to refrain from waking my husband at four-thirty a.m. Instead, I concentrated next on the X-rays in my teeth.

The same general principles were employed, stressing the teeth and jaw bones by chomping the teeth together at the same time that I faced aligned directly in my channel - frontwards and then facing in the opposite direction. This process had to be repeated later as some of the back teeth didn't make sufficient contact. Chewing on a carrot while polarizing had the desired results. This completed the re-alignment successfully, and the heart test showed no further signs of confliction in wave pattern.

At this point we feel licensed to do a little speculation on teeth X-rays. One wonders if our teeth would not be subject to less decay if the circulation were improved, and distribution of calcium and nutrients more efficient. Indications are that X-rays appear to interfere with both. To speculate further, it also appears within the realm of possibilities that tooth decay bacteria could be destroyed and kept under control through stressing the teeth while polarizing. Perhaps several times a week would be sufficient. This is mere speculation, and although we have no statistics for the teeth, we do know that many bacteria and viruses can be successfully destroyed through polarizating, with our own radiation energies. These are pleasant contemplations and with the added aid of proper diet, well within the realm of probability. Our own energies can well be regarded as our strongest allies and best anti-bodies. The lymph glands of a healthy person are filled with them.

Statistics fortunately do have a way of eventually telling the truth and alerting the public. Senator E. L. Bartlett of Alaska should be complimented on his interest and concern over X-rays. His article appeared in Pageant magazine of August, 1968, entitled IS YOUR NEXT X-RAY WORTH THE RISK? One quotation that coincides with our findings is as follows:

Continuing exposure to small amounts of ionizing radiation from X-ray machines or radioactive materials may cause injuries that appear long after exposure has ended.

Chest X-rays are a common diabolical detriment to a coordinated circuit. In our experience, no person with chest X-rays has been able to determine the wave vector to his Vivaxis with the aid of two angle wires. There is an obvious wave cancellation of conflicting energies until such time that the atomic spins in all the X-rayed chest bones have been deliberately re-aligned. With men this task is relatively simple, but with full-breasted women, de-polarizing through stressing the bones immediately under the breast is not easy to accomplish. It is an occasion when the flat-chested women can well be envied! X-ray machines are very penetrating, and a chest X-ray generally affects tremendous areas of bone structure, which all have to be activated and re-aligned. Re-alignment has to be manoeuvred in such a manner that the correct position of the head, shoulders, and back is maintained throughout. Assistance is obviously needed, but the assistant should keep well out of the participant's channel. A useful instrument is what we call the "Bess bonger", an ingenious "stimulator" designed by my co-writer. It is made by putting about one-half pound of either dried peas, beans, or corn into a stocking, which is then knotted to form a ball at the end.