With the Bess bonger, the assistant can stand a short distance away and swing it, bonging the X-rayed areas of the participant. Some bones can also be stressed by moderate tapping with a wooden spoon. During the process, the participant must remain correctly aligned. The same procedure must always be repeated with the participant facing in the opposite direction. The participant should also breathe deeply, to re-polarize the actual lungs, during alignment in the two opposite directions.

Stressing bones with the use of weights is another effective approach adaptable to certain conditions. We will detail the case of our young friend, Wendy McAstocker, who had her shoulder X-rayed a few years earlier. Since that time she had been experiencing periodical discomfort in her shoulder, especially when carrying her school books, etc.

I gave her a weight of about four pounds to lift up and down while she was standing out of her alignment. After a few seconds she complained, "This makes me feel all dizzy, and my shoulder aches." Next, I assisted her in correctly aligning in her wave channel. To flex the X-rayed shoulder bone, she carried the four-pound weight as she polarized, walking correctly back and forth in her channel for about forty-five seconds. About thirty minutes later, we tested her for improvement. The two angle wires in either hand became alive and illustrated when she was positioned correctly in her channel. Positioned out of her alignment, she again tested with the four-pound weight. Her exclamation was one of delight as she lifted it up and down, "What a difference! This doesn't hurt or make me dizzy at all now." Prior to polarizing, the X-rayed shoulder was inclined to droop, and Wendy lacked the ability to lift it normally. Shortly after re-polarizing, she regained normal control.

X-rays in the back of the neck, in our experience, are particularly disrupting. In the past few months I've observed four different people with serious mental and nervous complications, apparently associated with the neck X-rays. Re-alignment through polarizing had very rewarding results to these four participants.

The pons, located at the base of the skull, is a bridge of nerve fibres linking the right and left cerebral hemispheres. All impulses passing between the brain and cord traverse the pons. A disturbed pattern in this area was detected in three of the persons with neck X-rays. These three were all having trouble with concentrating, and were subject to severe headaches and extreme nervous tension.

One was a young University student who described the tension in her head as quite intolerable. She had been forced to give up her studies as a result. Her neck both pained and made a static cracking sound as she turned it. Visits to a psychiatrist did little to correct the fundamental trouble. She is now a dedicated disciple of the power of re-polarizing. Her neck X-rays are all corrected, and the resulting trouble, a chapter in the past. She can now locate her own wave channel with two angle wires, and can intelligently utilize polarizing when necessary. Last reports were that she was catching up on her studies at University summer school and had been given an I.Q. rating of 135.

Alison Eaton, an appealing child with dimples in her cheeks, was eight years old when her mother hopefully requested help. At the age of four years she had been subjected to X-rays in the vertebrae of her neck. In later years she had been getting periodic pain in her head which was increasing in frequency. She also found it difficult to sit up erect. Her mother became quite alarmed when a school advisor suggested she take Alison to a physician, for her teacher had reported Alison's inability, on occasions, to read coherently, which suggested a temporary, jumbled, confused state of mind.

We stimulated and re-aligned the atomic spins in Alison's neck vertebrae. Shortly afterward, she was proudly demonstrating how much straighter she could sit up. Her spine now had the required coordination of energies to give it "starch". She complained still of a pain in her head. Further checking revealed that a neuron in the cortex of the skull, which was associated with the neck, had a pattern characteristic of a static electric potential. Alison tapped and stimulated this area while polarizing in both directions in her alignment. Within ten minutes the pain had completely disappeared. This same pain returned several times within the space of several weeks, and tests showed the same disturbed circulating pattern at the site of that neuron. It took about three weekly sessions of stimulating and polarizing to restore it to a normal pattern. The last reports are that Alison had a school report with an all-over B average, and is in general good health and sparkling with the youthful joy of living.

If one wonders whether or not these are isolated cases, we can sincerely say, "Definitely not!" We have yet to see the case where there has not been some improvement, and generally the improvement has been very substantial.

The question arises, how permanent is this re-alignment? Re-alignment can be regarded as a good compromise that does an effective job under normal circumstances. However, once the bones have been X-rayed, the pattern of the atomic spins appear weaker and more vulnerable to outside polarizing influences. Travelling in fast-moving vehicles, jet planes, or taking long trips by car or bus, will often necessitate re-polarizing.

An air stewardess who was a victim of multiple sclerosis commented that she suspected it was occupational, as five of her fellow stewardesses had also developed this malady.

Too little knowledge is often dangerous, and to give complete coverage to this subject of how to use polarization to combat bacteria, adjust and aid injuries, etc., would necessitate a book totally devoted to that subject. However, this book does give basic background knowledge necessary for further understanding and expansion in the field of therapy.

For the layman who desires also a better understanding of the fundamentals of the body's energies, we highly recommend Harry Moody's book, THE HUMAN MACHINE, a paperback Pyramid Publication. This is an excellent supplement to our related findings.

The potential of polarizing for therapy appears tremendous. We have only scratched the surface, but we have learned enough to be fully aware that it has to be handled with discretion and intelligent understanding. Also, it demands accurate and consistent adherence to all rules of the wave mechanics. There are already many that are using it intelligently, and these numbers will continue to swell for the rewards have proved rich. Adherence to proper diet and all other rules of health are, of course, an aid and necessary complement to ultimate success.