How to determine your channel with the use of angle wires: Refer to description of angle wires in Chapters 5 and 6. Angle wires are the preferred instrument used for determining one's wave channel. However, the magnetic pattern of the participant has to be reasonably strong and free from major interference of X-rays, particularly in the chest. Copper is not a good conductor of magnetism, although it does conduct electricity. Therefore it is not adaptable for working with magnetic fields. Galvanized wire, soft steel or welding rods make good angle wires.

Practise using one angle wire. All principles similar to those detailed earlier. Note the position of the body in photo -head and back erect and feet apart. Note in figure 12 the position of the thumb-centre whorl placed firmly against the wire, and held well above the interference of the index finger. Wires must be held absolutely in a horizontal and vertical position. Note how the lower portion extends below the hand. This is essential. Note the method of determining channel with angle wire being attracted to the polarized energies of the middle finger. Both arms are held slightly out from the body.

Method of determining selected magneticwavechan nel to one's Vivaxis

Figure 12. Method of determining selected magneticwavechan nel to one's Vivaxis.

Note how the angle wire held in one hand is attracted toward the magnetic energies radiated from the finger of the other hand. The energy waves from both hands have become mutually polarized and channeled into a circuit traveling in a horizontal plane. This occurs when a person is correctly aligned and their energy waves become polarized and channeled directly toward their Vivaxis.

As one becomes aligned facing toward his Vivaxis, the angle wire pulls and is attracted towards the radiating energies of the middle finger. A slight shift of the head or body, and the wire pulls away from the finger, pulling back sharply again as one realigns. When aligned facing in the opposite direction in his wave channel, the wire also pulls in toward his middle finger.

Using two angle wires: Colleen Linn illustrates how the wires cross when she is aligned in her wave channel; they part the moment she moves out of it. (See photo facing page 106.)

Sally demonstrates how, when sideways in her channel, both wires pull parallel to herself - pulling in opposite directions to each other. (See photo facing page 107.)

Summary Of Determining Channel

1. No spectators.

2. Head and spine held erect in position.

3. Eyes forward.

4. Legs placed well apart.

5. Chain held between thumb and forefinger - suspended down.

6. Separate identified instruments - kept exclusively for the right and left hands and always with the same end pointed down - for they tend to become magnetized with the person's radiation and have opposite directions of energy flow. Others should avoid touching an individual's instruments.

7. When turning to locate your wave channel, the body should turn as a unit. Do not stand and twist from the waist.

8. About 90 per cent of the time your channel can be located in a definite direction. However, about 10 per cent of the time energies and radiations are coming in from all directions. The wires attract and cross in every direction you face. Watch for this situation! It is very temporary and you should avoid polarizing until the field pattern is normal. On occasions earthquakes are responsible. A major earthquake can cause the earth to oscillate like a bell for as long as a month. Channel directions become deflected and erratic as a result.

9. Avoid channel locating and polarizing when planes are flying overhead.

10. For both described methods, avoid concentrating and keep your mind relaxed. Concentrating diverts the circuit into the brain, changing the responses in the fingers.

Determining One's Circuit To The Brain

We now propose a complete right-about-face by suggesting the brain become a means of determining one's wave channel.

Earlier in the book we mentioned how the brain works in a circuit to one's Vivaxis. It cuts strongly into the channel when one concentrates and cuts out when the mind is relaxed. A person can witness this for himself by actually diverting the energies into his brain by concentrating on a simple mathematical sequence, geared to the individual's ability to concentrate without mental strain; e.g., simple multiplication tables. This is to be done with one hand held down free from the body while the other hand holds the angle wire in the recommended posture. Regardless of the direction he is facing, the angle wire will swing toward the direction of his Vivaxis or toward the opposite direction, depending on the hand used. A person with his Vivaxis located at an elevation below him can effectively use two angle wires while concentrating. Both wires will point in one direction in his channel without crossing. This is an interesting contrast compared to the wires crossing when he is aligned in his wave channel with his mind relaxed.

When we first align correctly in our wave channel, our polarized energies temporarily become stronger than those of the local field and the surrounding energies pull in toward us. This fact of energy concentration can be useful to a wave-transmitter in determining when we are aligned and our energies polarized.

Throughout most periods of the day the local field has energies apparently associated with light. They travel in horizontal planes with wave vector readings toward the north and south. During the periods of this steady state, a wave-transmitter can receive and record the wave vectors of these magnetic energies.

The receiving hand is held out flat in a horizontal position. The angle wire in the other hand will record a wave vector reading toward either north and south.

We had suspected that, during polarizing, our energies become stronger than those of the local field. We tested this theory by the wave-transmitter holding his hand out flat, pointed toward and within about six inches of a person who was seeking his Vivaxis. The wave-transmitter's angle wire was attracted toward north and south energies, ignoring the weaker energies of the person until the moment this person aligned in his channel. The wire at this instant pulled sharply in toward him, for he had become temporarily stronger than the field surrounding him. When, however, he turned his head or shifted out of his channel, the wire immediately swung back to the stronger influence of north and south.

This is one method a wave-transmitter uses to assist an individual to determine when he is aligned and his atomic spins polarized toward his Vivaxis.

Prior to polarizing all instruments are laid aside and the hands allowed to move freely. Balancing of energies is of fundamental importance - facing first in one direction toward our Vivaxis and then in the opposite direction for the same length of time. To accelerate our energies while we polarize, we have successfully used the following routine:

We line up our two weighted guide posts to correspond with the direction of our wave channel - spaced about ten feet apart. We walk briskly back and forth between them, turning clockwise at each, pausing after turning and aligning correctly in the opposite direction. A pause of five seconds, before continuing in the opposite direction allows the atomic spins time to adjust their angle of momentum. This routine of walking with head and spine erect, eyes straight forward, and remaining directly in the wave channel while turning, pausing five seconds and continuing for about ten rounds. This is basic polarizing.

We have stressed that polarizing be used with discrimination and moderation. Our own magnetic energies can have a very balancing effect if geared to the individual's tolerance. An overdose of our own radiation, like an overdose of anything else, can be temporarily upsetting. There have been isolated occasions when over-enthusiastic participants have experienced a temporary feeling of dizziness, which they instantly corrected by placing a pillow or some other insulating material over the crown of their head. This temporarily rerouted the circuit out of their head and was an effective balancing agent. Taking a chelator such as aspirin or 222 can further help by absorbing the surplus electrons.

Details of using polarizing for specific therapy cannot possibly be given in this book. The principles that we have used are mainly a concentration of polarized energy waves; these are introduced by stimulation to one particular troubled area, while standing or sitting aligned in one's channel, and then repeated while aligned facing in the opposite direction.

In all probability there will be a large majority who, after reading this book will undoubtedly find themselves sufficiently magnetic to accurately and effectively locate their wave channel to their Vivaxis. Many people will further find that the strength of their magnetic circuit will become stronger after all X-rayed bones have been repolarized; and it will further gather momentum through intelligent use of channelling and polarizing.

There will also be those who are geographically situated where they can witness with swivel chain or by using angle wires, the change of direction of energy flow in their hands as they move to elevations above or below the level of their Vivaxis. We predict this will be an extremely fascinating experience.

Accept the fact that there will be many, who through ignorance and other discrepancies, will disbelieve and ridicule. Skepticism cannot alter the positive fact of the existence of our magnetic circuit link, and the vital part it plays. Let no one undermine your confidence; for as Kipling so aptly expressed it, the truth is often twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools.


Erase the foreign radiation introduced by X-ray and reinstate their own continuity of circuit through polarizing and then they miraculously can walk again. This is evidence that rings out with a message loud and clear, This is your magnetic link with the World and the Universe. Keep your circuit strong and you will become stronger. Weaken your circuit and you will become weaker.

X-rays, insecticides, toxic foods, cigarettes, worries, and frustrations are all agents that work against magnetism in the human body. They are agents that work against the essential balance of nature.

In this world, fortunately, constructive forces are always struggling against destructive forces. Among these destructive forces are all the too-familiar types that will go to no end of trouble to undermine constructive findings . . . findings that might appear to threaten their prestige or interfere with personal profit making. Ridicule is their most common weapon. However, affirmative thinking is a far more powerful force and one with richer rewards. Keep in phase with nature and nature will hand you the reins of the Universe while helping you into the driver's seat.

It is sincerely hoped that doctors throughout the world will welcome these findings. They should be used in conjunction with their medical experiences and knowledge. We have only explored the potentials and as a result have witnessed the healing powers. It is not our wish or intention to become further involved in this phase of therapy.