My whole attention became focused on these possibilities and all other aspects of X-rays in the human body. Intent on conducting a comprehensive study, and with as many people as available; my friends and associates were now greeted with, "What X-rays have you had?" This greeting was in the place of the conventional "How are you?"

In our research many major points began to come to light: X-rayed bones lose their original quanta and become repolarized with a new Vivaxis and circuit. A circuit connecting the energies in the bone to the point where the X-ray was conducted.

The radiations and energy circuits in X-rayed bones are stronger than that of normal bones. Time generally does little to erase these foreign radiations.

The foreign wave circuit is only detected when the X-rayed bone is flexed or the energies in it stimulated through pressure on the bone. During this time the deviations in wave impulses can be detected throughout the various parts of the body. As an example, suppose there is an X-ray in the bone of the right arm. The pattern of the wave impulses can be recorded directly from the neuron associated with that X-rayed right arm - a neuron located in the cortex of the skull on the left hemisphere along the plane of precentral gyrus. The first reaction when the X-rayed arm is moved is much like that of a carbon circuit when another energy is introduced. The wire revolves for a short period and as the arm continues to move, the energies sort out and link up into two circuits, both with different wave channels and Vivaxes - one belonging to the quanta introduced into the bone at the site of the X-ray machine, and the other his own. This is indicated by tracing the direction of the waves' vectors. The energies co-exist but the efficiency of the circuit has been decreased and the growth pattern of the cells consequently affected. Our suspicions are that this is where time sometimes tells an ugly story through tumors and cancer growths.

By comparison, when a normal arm without any X-rays is in motion, it sends off electromagnetic wave impulses with a standard, well-defined pattern - a pattern alternating in opposite directions and in its own definite wave channel. The angle wire will continue to swing sharply back and forth until such time as the motion of the arm ceases. In contrast, there is no circulating motion such as is detected from flexed X-rayed bones.

The heart impulses are affected by X-rays. When wave impulses are picked up directly from the heart, the normal pattern is exactly the same as when a limb is in motion. The motion is continuous, alternating in one wave channel to the person's Vivaxis. If however, another wave is introduced from a foreign circuit, the angle wire registers this in the characteristic manner by deviating from the alternating pattern to the circulating pattern and then sorting. The foreign circuit can be introduced by thought wave of another person or by physical contact with another circuit. These are adjustments in the daily routine of the heart, but what a heart should not have to tolerate is a multitude of foreign circuits introduced by a massive amount of conflicting fields of X-rays - teeth, chest, arms, legs, abdomen, neck and head, etc. Each X-rayed bone, when it is flexed, upsets the normal continuity of pattern and can be detected. However, when more than one X-ray is flexed at the same time, the pattern illustrates accelerated confusion and what eventually possibly builds up to a state of undesirable static electricity. Scientists are now claiming many fatal heart attacks are a case of the heart electrocuting itself.

Years ago I learned to use polarizing as a most effective way to combat pains and a heavy tightening sensation in my heart. In ten minutes time or less, my heart was operating and feeling absolutely normal again. I mention years ago, because it was years ago since I've had any recurring trouble. Trouble, I suspect, that dated back to the days of X-ray interference. My experience has been paralleled by my husband's experience and those of many of our friends.

We sincerely suspect our magnetic circuit is our heart's pacemaker and its continuity is essential to an efficiently operating and healthy heart muscle.

The wave interference from X-rayed bones was only detected when a bone was flexed. This characteristic eventually gave the cue of how to de-polarize X-rays, but not before I had suffered through many months of mounting frustration. Frustration coupled with indignation; for the method we had been using for polarizing was effective in only temporarily relieving those malfunctions. It did not erase the foreign radiations of X-rays in the bone, that we were now realizing were directly associated with X-rays.

I was indignant because I felt at the time that X-rays were a permanent disrupting force whose cumulative damage would be felt during our entire life span, always acting as a threat to the continuity of our magnetic circuit. I was personally indignant not only because of the restrictions my X-rayed foot put on my activities, but also because of the cumulative trouble my husband was encountering.

We are often our own best guinea pigs for ferreting out facts, and for this reason I will first relate my own X-ray story.

In our books, X-rays had become a very dirty word, although fortunately, I personally only had X-rays in the teeth and my left foot. It was the one in my foot that gave me a great deal of trouble. Ten years previously, a dislocated toe necessitated an X-ray. During the succeeding years, my foot would swell and ache at the slightest provocation. We had just moved to Thetis Island and we were breaking in new ground on steep terrain. By nightfall the stress on the X-rayed foot caused perpetual trouble. The doctor diagnosed it as arthritis or gout. The more I flexed it the more it would swell and ache. It was a continual cross to bear and I could ill afford the time I had to spend resting it. On one occasion I had hiked five miles up a mountain road and on the way down was jogging on the balls of the feet, unaware still of the confliction of circuits caused by the X-rayed bones. Twice my leg went paralyzed to the point where I couldn't bend my knee or move my leg. By this time I had learned the strategy of polarizing two ways in my channel, otherwise I doubt if I could have made it down on my own.

My activities became restricted as a result of this X-ray infliction. Our Hammond organ was one of my greatest pleasures, but I was unable to work the pedal key board with my left foot. The stress on the bones soon made my whole leg seize up or swell.

The limitations imposed on myself were small as compared to the havoc I realized X-rays were creating in the system of Dick, my husband. This havoc was cumulative, many of the X-rays dating back over thirty years to the years when he played rugby on the University team. Injuries with resulting X-rays were all part of the rugged game, but what he hadn't anticipated was the gradual year by year accumulating complications brought about through circuit disruptions. One complication in particular we will give comprehensive coverage to, as we have already intimated that tumors can often be byproducts of X-rays.

My husband, a practicing forestry engineer, had arrived back from a strenuous summer's job of timber cruising and locating logging roads. It was active type of work and X-rays of his ankle, back, shoulders, neck, chest, teeth, and wrist were possibly all being flexed continually. One pictures the losing battle nature had, struggling against all those foreign circuits -circuits out of control and cell growths running wild, their normal magnetic blue-print shorted or destroyed.

It was a discouraged man who showed me the large growth at the joint on the head of the femur leg bone. The growth was approximately the size of a large egg and was increasing in size steadily. It pained him considerably, especially at night. There was pain felt in the groin and down the leg. Effects of X-rays had also been taking their toll for many years in miseries felt in his shoulder, back, and neck, but like so many others, he had grown to accept and live with these discomforts. After all, back-aches had become the order of the day. Common was the greeting, "How is your back-ache?" Equally common were X-rays to the chest, which penetrated part of the spine. I can well remember Dick's despairing comment made nearly two years ago, "I'm not going to be able to continue with my work in the woods. Polarizing appears to relieve and help my leg temporarily, but as soon as I start any strenuous climbing, the whole leg starts to seize up."

My despair matched his, for I realized that X-rays were the underlying cause, and I honestly didn't think it within the realm of possibility that we could ever erase them.

I suspect I must have relaxed considerably before I awoke around four o'clock one morning. The answer was there like a clearly written message, tranquil and peaceful. It was so simple and reasonable that I later speculated that for a period, the frustrated state of my mind must have been causing a mental block.

Prior to detailing the application of my inspiration, we will first give a little more of the background findings that ultimately led to the method of re-polarizing.