II Lines And Signs On The Mount Of Saturn 73

One single. line - Very great luck. One deep line forming the end of a broken Line of Fate - Peaceful but monotonous ending of life.

II Lines And Signs On The Mount Of Saturn 74II Lines And Signs On The Mount Of Saturn 75

Two parallel lines - (often taken for sister lines to the Line of Fate) - Success, late and laborious.

II Lines And Signs On The Mount Of Saturn 76

A number of lines - The more numerous the lines, the greater the ill-luck.

Deafness. Wound In The Legs

A line of Head broken under the Mount of Saturn. On that line a number of very deep dots close together. An exaggerate Mount of the Moon. A number of vertical lines on the Mount of Saturn and die third phalanx of the second finger.

Deafness Wound In The Legs 77

"The subject, a mixture of the Saturn and Venus type, had suffered from a grave nervous illness, culminating in deafness. He had had an accident that maimed one of his legs."

Deafness Wound In The Legs 78

Several Lines crossing the Mount and the Line of Heart - Hereditary rheumatism.

Deafness Wound In The Legs 79

A Line across the top of the Line of Fate - Unavoidable misfortune, if the line of the Sun docs not end especially straight and strong.

Deafness Wound In The Legs 80

Many lines scaling the Mount ladder-wise in the direction of the Mount of Jupiter - Gradual rise in life toward public honors.

Capillary cross lines - A wound on the breast.

Deafness Wound In The Legs 81

A spot - Certain evil possibilities, the nature of which can be traced on the Lines of Head and Heart.

Deafness Wound In The Legs 82

A cross - Childlessness; tendency to make an evil use of occult sciences. Extreme liability to accidents.

Deafness Wound In The Legs 83

A star - Paralysis; incurable disease. If very- strongly marked in both hands and with other signs (which see) - Death on the scaffold.

If the star is faint and poorly formed - Ill health and trouble at the close of life.


A star on Saium. A star on the middle part of the Mount of the Moon; a very much rayed and crossed Mount of the Moon; and often a sloping Line of Head, while the Line of Heart starts from the Lines of Life and Head in fatal cases.

Parlysis 84

"The subject died at 36 from the consequences of sexual excesses."

Parlysis 85

A star almost in the middle of a double or triple Girdle of Venus - Terrible venereal disease, to be soon followed by death.

Parlysis 86

A star, with the line of fate entering deeply into the second finger- - Danger of assassination. Should the hand be generally bad - Murderous tendency.

A circle - A favorable omen, specified by other indications. (Very rare).

Parlysis 87Parlysis 88

A square - Preservation from some great fatality read elsewhere in the hand.

Parlysis 89

A star within a square - Escape from assassination.

Parlysis 90

A square with red dots at the corners - Preservation of life in a fire.

Parlysis 91

A triangle - Special aptitude for the occult sciences; if accompanied by a star on the third phalanx of the second finger - This aptitude will be used for evil purposes (black magic).

Parlysis 92

A grille - Lack of luck through life, especially in old age. Often imprisonment.

Parlysis 93

The Sign of Jupiter - Desire to gain fame through some discovery in the realm of philosophy.

The Sign of Saturn - Intense devotion to the study of all things mysterious religion, philosophy, occult sciences, etc.

Parlysis 94Parlysis 95

The Sign of the Sun - A love for arlislic beauty in nature, and fine language in expressing one's thoughts.

Parlysis 96

The Sign of Mercury - Aptitudes for high mathematics and astronomy.

Parlysis 97

The Sign of Mars - A combative spirit in the discussion of religious or philosophical problems. Found in the hands of old-time inquisitors and fanatics.

Parlysis 98

The Sign of the Moon - Morbid imagination. Often insanity,

Parlysis 99

The Sign of Vemis - A mixture of passion and despondency in the love of the opposite sex.

With an exaggerate Mount, apply the principle laid down at the end of the signs on the Mount of Jupiter.