To compare Length of Hand Proper with Length of Fingers, take your measurements on the back of the hand; the Hand proper extends from the wrist to the lower knuckle of the second finger; the size of the Fingers is taken from the above knuckle to the tip of the second finger.

1. Hand Proper Longer Than Fingers

A. With pointed tips (very seldom met, as the two characieristics contradict each other) - If thick at the base - self-indulgence; laziness, useless dreaming.

B. With conical tips- - Aptitude for the mechanical parts of the fine arts. Opera singers have frequently such hands; rather sensuous disposition.

The Divisions Of The Back Of The Hand

The Divisions Of The Back Of The Hand

[Design taken from life; the subject was 100years old.]

C. With Square tips - A useful hand; will execute well other people's orders or ideas; an excellent military hand.

D. With Spatulate tips - A very active hand, love of sports; poor intellect, little understanding of details.

E. With characterless tips - The elementary hand (which see further): the hand of the unskilled workman, the navvy, etc.

2. The Hand Proper

The Same Length as the Finders.

This constitutes the most harmonious combination. (See special chapter on The Finger Tips, as the indications therein given all apply to Hand proper and fingers thus evenly balanced.)

3. The Hand Proper Shorter Than The Fingers

A. With pointed tips - Idealism; imagination at its best; generally accompanied by a well-developed Mount, of the Moon

B. With conical tips - Imagination ningled with a practical view of things.

Beir, rapid insight into other people's true nature. A quick comprehension of details; in artists, inspiration and execution happily blended; the hand of high-class musicians; generally composers or actors who take infinite pains in creating their parts.

C. With square tips - The best hands for everyday life, especially in business. Not easily deceived, and always hard workers and attentive to minute details.

D. With spatulate tips - Activity at its best, except that sometimes it loses itself in minutise; indefatigable in outdoor exercises; great travelers and discoverers; versatility; wit,