Head. Wound On

Capillary cross lines on Mount of Jupiter. A break of the Line of Head.

Health. The Line Of

The Line of Liver

Heart, Hypertrophy Of The

Case: 251.

Heartless Disposition

Hand thin and hard. Long Finger of Saturn. Line of Heart absent. Line of Head cutting the hand like a bar. The Mount of Venus insignificant.

Heart Oppression Due To Liver Trouble

- Case: 256. Heart Palpitations. - Line of Liver red at the start, especially if connected with Line of Life. Many dots on Line of Heart.

Heart Palpitations Due To Grief

Case: 193

Heart, The Line Of

241. 1- Position and Direction - 241 2. Character: a. By Itself - 243; b. In combination with other Indications - 245. 3. Starting Points and Forks at the Start - 247. 4. Termination and Forks at the Termination - 250- 5. Branches - 250. 6. Breaks - 252. 7. Connected with the Main Lines: a. Directly - 253; b. By Minor Lines - 255 8. Signs - 256. Special Observation

Heart Troubles

Plain of Mars hollow toward Heart. Short, square shaped and bluish nails. Exaggerate or much lined Mount of the Sun. Line of Influence from Mount of Venus cut ting Line of Heart. Chained Lint of Heart. Line of Heart broken, Bars cutting Line of Heart.

Heart Trouble Due To Diseased Liver

Lines of Life and Liver closely connected, with red or bluish spots on the former. Line of Heart broken under the Mount of Mercury.

Heart Troubles, Very Serious

Case: 252

Heart Weakness

Short and square nails, Narrow, thin palm. Pale skin.

Total absence of the Line of Heart.

with poor Line of Head and wavy Line of Liver. Very pale and wide Line of Heart. A circle on Line of Heart.

Hebra. Heinrich; a German; author of "Untersuchung ueber der Nagel" (Vienna: 1880); a study on "Nails. '


A grille on the Upper Mount of Mars. The Line of Heart absent or very poor. Sometimes (in female cases) a star on the lower part of the Mount of the Moon


Exaggerate or much lined Mount of Saturn. A Line. of Influence from a dot on Line of Life. ending in Star on Upper Mount of Mars.


Case: 349.

Henze. Adolph; a German; author of "Die Chirograuifiiatomantic. Order Lehre der Charakter der Menschen aus der Handschrift zu erkeumen" (Leipzic: 1862); the original erer of "Graphology," and the teacher of Desbarrolles.

Hepatica, The

The Line Of Liver

30. Herder, Johann; a German (1744-1803); author of Ideen zur Philosophic der Geschichte der Mensehheit" (1794).

Heron-Allen. Edward

an Englishman; author of "A Manual of Clurosophy," "Codex Chiromantice," etc. Translator of D'Arpentigny's "Science of the Hand." Now living in London; has visited America.

Highwayman, The

Thick, hard hands, with short, smooth, heavy fingers of the Elementary type. Only the Mounts of Mars and the lower part of the Mount of the Moon prominent. Only the three chief lines, very red in color. A star, or even a grille, on the Mount of Mercury.

Hindoo Brahmins

16. (See Dale and Chatterjee on Indian Palmistry)

Hippocrates; a world renowned Greek Physician (B, C. 460-377); said "Phthisici ungues adunci," when speaking of the shape of the nail of the first finger in consumptives. His complete work issued in German (1847) - 41.

Hoeping, Johann; a German; author of "Chiromantia Harmonica" (Jena; 1681), and of his large work, "Insti-tutiones Chiromanticæ."

Hopeful Disposition

Pink and mottled skin - 38.

Housewife, The Gifted

Palm and Fingers even; Palm elastic; Fingers square; the first knot quite marked. Nails short. Mounts moderate. Long Line of Heart starting deep into the Mount of Jupiter. Mounts of Venus and Mercury pronounced (kindness of heart and prudence in money matters). Very few lines outside of the Chief Lines, The Line of Head moderately long.

Humboldt, Alexander, Baron von; a German; author of "Kosmos" (1845-62) - 20; 22.

Humphrey. George M.: an Englishman; author of "On the Human Foot and the Human Hand" (Cambridge: 1861).


Hydrophobia, Danger Of

Break of Line of Head under Mount of the Sun - 228.

Hypochondriac, The

(Thinks himself ill.) The Medical Stigmata (which see) clearly marked, with an exaggerate Mount of the Moon, into which droops the Line of Head.

Hysterical Insanity

Case: 261.


Second Finger crooked. A star on the Mount of the Moon connected by a Line of Influence with the Mount of Venus. Double or Triple Girdle of Venus. A Girdle of Venus cut by many bars.

Hysteria Destroying Conjugal Happiness

Girdle of Venus cutting a pro-longed Line of Union.


Hand proper shorter than fingers, With pointed tips. Slender Palm. Almond shaped nails. Mounts of Jupiter very prominent, with the first phalanx of the first finger above normal.


A very ill-shaped hand, with dwarfed, very high up Thumb and half formed fingers. The Mount of the Moon, and often the Mounts of Mars. are the only ones bulging. Drooping, broken, twisted Line of Head. Generally a very poor Line of Heart Often one of the Main Lines missing.

Idiocy. Congenital

Case: 154.

ILL-Health. Continuous

Thin Palm. A wide and pale Line of Life. A Line of Life formed of small ladderlike fragments. Line of Liver connected with Line of Life at the start. A number of dots on Line of Life.

ILL-Health In Childhood

Line of Life chained or Linked in its first part. If this ill-health is to influence the whole career. Line of Fate twisted or much crossed at the start.

ILL-Health In Old Age

Faint, poorly formed star on Mount of Saturn. Lines of Life and Fate connected by confused lines at bottom of Triangle. Cross near termination of Line of Life, Short and broad Line of Liver.