Business, Aptitude For

Elastic Palm. Fingers longer than Palm, with second knot marked and square tips. Strong first Phalanx of the Thumb and good Line of Head. Mount off Mercury most prominent, with the fourth finger above average length. A line from the Rascette to the Mount of Mercury. Lines or Branches from the Line of Head to the Mount of Mercury. An excellent Line of Liver. At least fair Lines of Fate and the Sun. (These indications prognosticate not only aptitude, but success.)

Business Failure

See Bankruptcy.

Campbell. Robert Allen; an American: author of '"Philosophic Chiromancy" (St. Louis: 1879).

Cancer. Recovery From Intestinal

Case: 353.

Cardano. Gfrolamo; a famous Italian physician; author of "De rerum Vari-etate" (Basic: 1557).

Card Sharpers

Lung, thin fingers. often crooked. The Mount of Mercury predominant and often crossed or starred. No characteristics of the gambler, as they take no risks. Lower part of Mount of the Moon high, as in most criminals' hands.

Career Broken By Death Of Relative

Case; 290.

Carpus Or Carpia Bones

35; the eight Bones forming the wrist.


Case: 170.


Case: 354.

Catarrh Of The Stomach

See Intestinal Troubles.

Catastrophe Caused By Guilty Intrigue. Terrible

Case: 188.

Catastrophe Ending A Love Intrigue. Threatened

Case: 179.


See Fame and Success.


A cross on. the first Phalanx of the first Finger. A Line of Union turned up at the termination (if there is only one Line of Union in either hand).

Cerebral, The

The Line of Head - 30.

Chaldean Shepherds

16. See Astrolfingers Chance.

The Line of. - The Line of Fate - 30. Chapman, M. G.; an Englishman; author of "Palmistry Made Easy" (London: 1893)


See Benevolence,

Chastity Inspired By Religion

A fine Mount of Jupiter, with a pointed first Finger. A cross On the first Phalanx of the Third Finger. A very smooth, thin hand, with the Mounts quite insignificant, outside of Jupiter.

Chatterjie, Roman Kristo; a Hindoo writer on Palmistry. His work on "Indian Palmistry" was noticed in the "Palmist" for August, 1897.

Cheiro: an Irishman; author of "The Book of the Hand" (London: 1891); also "The Language of the Hand" (London and New York: 1897).

Chemistry And Physics, Aptitude For

Second Finger and Mount of Saturn finely shaped and prominent, though not exaggerate. Long knotted fingers; half thin hands. The medical stigmata (which see) are found on the Mount of Mercury.

Childhood, Wretched

Line of Fate starting low down and much broken, crossed or twisted in its first part.

Childhood, Delicate

Case: 156.

Chihlbearing, Difficulties In (Or After)

The Line of Life too close to the second Phalanx of the Thumb. An Influence Line direct from the Mount of Venus, to the Mount of Saturn. "First Bracelet of the Rascette convex in shape.

Children. Death Or Illness Of

Bars, dots, stars or islands spoiling the Lines of Children (which see).

Children; How Marked

Perpendicular Lines on the Percussion from the base of the Fourth Finger to the Line of Union with which they correspond.

The eldest child farthest around Percussion.

Chirognomic Observations

3,1, Concern the shape of the hand.

Chirognomy In Every Day Life

76. How to discover by a cursory glance at people's hands how to impress them favorably, i. e., in accordance with their hidden idiosyncrasies.

Chirognomy Or Cheirognomy

The art of discerning the character and physical temperament from the outward shape of the hand. From the Greek words "Cheir," the hand, and "Gnomon," one who knows. D'Arpentigny and Desbarrolles used at first the word "Chirognomony" to express the same idea; but this uncouth form was soon abandoned.

Chirology Or Cheirology

Language of the Hand. From the Greek words "Cheir," hand, and "Logs," word, language.

Chiromancy Or Cheiromancy

The art of discovering the disposition of a person and of foretelling events by inspecting the lines and lineaments of the hand. From the Greek words "Cheir," the hand, and "Manteia," power of divination.

Chinrmantie Observations

139. Concern the Lines and markings in the inside of the Hand.

Chirometry Or Cheirometry

A new word, which purposes to indicate the measuring of man's impressions through hand reading.

Chirosophy Or Chcirosophy

Knowledge acquired through the hand. From the Greek words "Cheir," the hand, and "Sophia," wisdom.


A soft hand, with short, smooth fingers and often a small thumb. The Mounts of Saturn, Mercury, and especially the Moon, quite prominent or rayed. A good many minor cross lines. A drooping and often fragmentary Line of Head and a poor Line of Heart (defect in circulation). A clear Line of Intuition. often islanded at the start. A Line of Liver, also islanded at the start, is read in the same way in the absence of a Line of Intuition proper.

Cocles, nartholomens; an Italian, and one of the leading Chiromants of his century; author of "Physionomić et Chyromantić Compendium" and of a number of other works published in Latin, German, French, from 1525 until long after his death, a Rouen edition coming out in 1698.


Square palm; short, smooth fingers; often spatulate tipped; broad, short nails; plenty of hair. Upper Mount of Mars predominant. Lines rather redder than Normal. A large cross in the Triangle. (This reading applies to an otherwise good hand.)

Common Sense

Average sized hands. Nails large (broad and long) and rounded at the base.

Complaint (Hereditary)

An island at the beginning of the Line of Life.