A single long line - A presentiment of evil.

VI Lines And Signs On The Mount Of The Moon 168

A line down the Mourn with a short one crossing it - Tendency to chronic rheumatism or gout. Especially in the middle portion of the Mount.

VI Lines And Signs On The Mount Of The Moon 169

Fatal Aneurism Caused By Gout

A cross -on the Mount of the Moon and a Line of Heart broken under the Mount of the Sun.

"Generally found in the Jupiterian types, who, being fond of good living are often attacked by gout; the extreme pains caused by gout often bring about some severe heart troubles."

Fatal Aneurism Caused By Gout 170Fatal Aneurism Caused By Gout 171

The Moon.

Many confused lines - Visions, insomnia, nightmares.

Clear vertical lines from the Rascette and up the Mount - Long travels. (See chapter on the Rascette),

Fatal Aneurism Caused By Gout 172

Horizontal lines starting from the percussion - Voyages. If they are crossed, broken or islanded - Unpleasant or dangerous voyages.

A voyage line reaching from the Percussion, to the Line of Heart and ending there in a star - The subject will abandon everything for the sake of a long voyage, probably with a sweetheart.

Many confused and crossed lines with a sloping, starred or chained Line of Heal - Tendency to insanity.

Young Man Who Believed Himself Haunted By Ghosts

A fair Line of Life, but with a black spot at 19. A Line of Head droop-ing at once. quite chained, to the Mount of the Moon. A Line of Heart, starting from the Line of Life and Head and Occupying the place of the Line of Head. A triple Girdle of Venus virtually occupying the place of the Line of Heart and starting with a big star on the MOUNt of Jupiter. The Lower mount of the Moon rayed and cross-raycd; just above this a 1arge St Andrew's star.

Young Man Who Believed Himself Haunted By Ghosts 173

"A young man was affected, from his 19th year on, with a peculiar monomania. He believed himself the chief of a band of Spirits who surrounded him. He had been addicted to vicious practices, and his nervous system was shattered, This star on the Mount of Jupiter with one ray penetrating quite deeply into the first finger is often found in the hands of insane people who believe themselves occupying high positions."

Young Man Who Believed Himself Haunted By Ghosts 174

Many confused and crossed lines with a chained or islanded Line of Heart - Inconstancy in love affairs; often downright immorality.

Young Man Who Believed Himself Haunted By Ghosts 175

A series of crossed or confused lines at the upper part of the Mount - Chronic diarrhea: if very heavy and forming a kind of grille - Intestinal troubles of the gravest nature.

Many confused and cross lines at the bottom of the Mount - Bladder troubles; often Diabetes or Bright's Disease of the Kidneys. In wornen - Infallible sign of female troubles especially if there ia. a star at the connection of the Lines of Head and Liver.

Young Man Who Believed Himself Haunted By Ghosts 176

Capillary cross lines - Wounds on the body.

Young Man Who Believed Himself Haunted By Ghosts 177

A spot - Some disease of the nervous system from hysteria to raving madness; the Line of Head will complete the diagnosis. Is often read as a cross (which see below).

Intestinal Abscess

A blue spot on the Line of Life at 20: another blue spot, quite important on the Upper Mount of the Moon.

"A friend of Desbar-rollcs almost died from a dangerous abscess in the intestines.

A cross - Superstitious, dreamy disposition, If large, a deceiving nature, or, at least, one prone to bragging. In matters of health: a cross in the upper part

Intestinal Abscess 178Intestinal Abscess 179

- Intestinal troubles; in the middle - Gout or rheumatism; at the bottom -Bladder, Kidney or Womb troubles.

Intestinal Abscess 180

An angle - Great danger of drowning.

Intestinal Abscess 181

The Moon.

A star - Danger of death by drowning. On a line of voyage - Danger of shipwreck.

Intestinal Abscess 182

A star on the lower part of the Mount -Dropsy.


A star on the lower Mount of the Moon, chained and yellowish Lines of Heart and Life.

"A lady had suffered almost all her life front a grave liver trouble and had been operated three times for dropsy."

Dropsy 183

A star with a far drooping Line of Head on a very prominent Mount and a bad Mount of Saturn - Suicide by drowning (if found in both hands, and with other indications).

Dropsy 184

A star connected by a Line of Influence with the Mount of Venus or the Line of Life - Hysteria or insanity often of an erotic character. (See chapter on Lines of Influence).


A long; voyage line from the lower Percussion of the Mount of the Moon cutting the Line of Life, with a star on the Mount.

"A young man afflicted with a terrible thirst (for water) was soon to be troubled with severe diabetes; water caused his illness."

Diabetes 185

Disease of the Bladder: The Stone. - A much chained and poor Line of Heart. A Line of Head broken under the Mount of Saturn and sloping down into the lower part of the Mount of the Moon and ending in a star; that part of the Mount being much rayed and cross-rayed, a ray of the star extending to the lower palm (the bottom of the triangle).

Diabetes 186

"Scen in the hand of an old soldier, who pretended never to have been ill, but acknowledged being troubled with calculi (or stones) in the bladder."

Diabetes 187

A triangle - Wisdom in the use of high imaginative faculties.

A grille - Melancholia; nervous troubles; troubles of the womb and bladder.

Read what I have to say about confused lines and cross lines on the Mount. Grilles, on the Mounts of the Moon and Venus are practically the equivalents of these confused and crossed lines.

Diabetes 188Diabetes 189

A grille with a star on the Mount of Saturn - Danger of partial apoplexy or paralysis. Often the star alone is enough.

A poor line of Heart, indicating defective circulation of the blood foretells (with the above grille) coming apoplexy. A poor line of Head, telling of an impaired brain, paraly-sis

Diabetes 190

A grille with a fine Line of the Sun - Poetical imagination; often found in literary women's hands.

This is the equivalent of an exaggerate Mount of the Moon, which I consider as acceptable in the hands of people of genius. The Gifts of Invention and Method United In the Same Hand. - The Line of Head crossing the whole hand and forked before crossing the Line of the Sun, the lower prong going low down into the Mount of the Moon, where the Mount is much rayed. The Mount of Venus is quite prominent and the fingers very square.

Diabetes 191

"This is the description of the hand of Leon Coignet, the famous French painter. It indicates clearly a most striking mixture of imagination and practical ability. The Lines of the Sun and Fate are remarkably fine, and the hand, as a whole, is a very desirable one and fits exactly the well-known tendencies and the brilliant career of the artist."

Diabetes 192

A circle - Danger of death by drowning.

Diabetes 193

A square- - Protection against the bad markings or exaggerate development of the Mount.

Three Times Saved From Drowning

On three Lines of Voyage on the Percussion of the Moon, three stars, each surrounded by three squares. Besides that, the Line of Head, Heart, Fate and Sun formed a beautiful square,

"A gentleman had been almost miraculously saved from drowning on three different occasions."

Three Times Saved From Drowning 194Three Times Saved From Drowning 195

The Sign of Jupiter - Dreams of extravagant power and position.

Three Times Saved From Drowning 196

The Moon.

The Sign of Saturn - Religious insanity.

The Sign of the Sun - Extravagance in poetical and artistic manifestations. The folly of wealth.

Three Times Saved From Drowning 197

The Sign of Mercury - The taste for speculation pushed to extremes and to financial ruin.

Three Times Saved From Drowning 198

The Sign of Mars - A strong tendency to brain fever; raving mania.

Three Times Saved From Drowning 199

The Sign of the Moon - Diseased imagination; nightmares, insanity. In a hand otherwise good - Evil influences of a person of the other sex on the subject's life.

Three Times Saved From Drowning 200

The Sign of Venus - A constant search after strange, new sensations..

Again I call your attention to the principle laid down at the end of my readings of the Mount of Jupiter.