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Spirituality Books

Books about Spirituality and Yoga

-The Pathway to Heaven on Earth | by Jenny Pearce
The series of insights that have become this book are set out as I got them, so that you too can share in the excitement of discovery and the wonder of "getting it".
-Wisdom From Atlantis | by Ruth B. Drown
Wisdom from ATLANTIS was received through the inspirational Pathway from the Etheric records. While the words are English the style is Atlantian and the wisdom is eternal.
-The Essentials of Spirituality | Felix Adler
Adler came to promote a philosophy which he termed Ethical Culture, an essentially Kantian moral philosophy which prized public work and the use of reason to develop ultimate ethical standards. He made use of the ideas from his religion, the philosophy of Kant & Ralph Waldo Emerson, mixed with certain socialistic ideas of his time. He believed that the concept of a personal god was unnecessary and that the human personality is the central force of religion, that different people's interpretations of religions were to be respected as religious things in themselves.
-The Awakening Of The Soul | Wisdom Of The East | by Paul Bronnle
It is to two English scholars, father and son, Edward Pococke, senior and junior, that the world is indebted for the knowledge of one of the most charming productions Arabian philosophy can boast of. Generally looked upon as a subject of repulsive aridity, in its strange combination of the most heterogeneous philosophical systems, devoid of the grace and charm of attractive style, un-brightened by brilliancy of wit or spirit, Arabian philosophy has, for centuries past, been subject to sad and undeserved neglect...
-A Vision of Truth. The Soul's Awakening | by Adelaide Walther
Having myself found the secret path and spiritual treasures I am more than eager to share these blessings with those still lost in the wilderness, but sadly do I realize, that with all my love outpoured, I can not lead another into the light of true happiness - "If that soul is not willing to go"
-The Nature Of Spiritual Existence, And Spiritual Gifts, Given Through The Mediumship Of Mrs. Cora L. V. Richmond | by G. H. Hawes
The Fifteen Discourses comprising this work were delivered in the order here arranged, in San Francisco, during the spring and summer of 1883, and are published with the consent and approval of their authors. To those unfamiliar with spirit control it may be of some interest to know that Mrs. Richmond in all her public speaking is in a trance or unconscious state, the influencing spirit using the voice and controlling all the movements of the body with ease and grace. Every discourse is preceded by an appropriate prayer, and usually at the close a poetic control gives an impromptu poem upon a subject selected by the audience.
-Reincarnation, A Study Of The Human Soul In Its Relation To Re-Birth, Evolution, Post-Mortem States, The Compound Nature Of Man, Hypnotism, Etc | by Jerome A. Anderson
These pages are intended to present, in as concise a form as possible, an outline of certain phenomena in nature, together with logical and philosophical deductions therefrom, which go to prove, first, the existence of a soul, and, second, the repeated incarnation of this soul in physical bodies. No phenomena will be considered except such as have been fully verified and accepted as a portion of the armamentarium of modern science. That there are vast classes of genuine phenomena not acknowledged as genuine by science is well known; and, although fully entitled to an appeal to these in support of our position, it has been thought best to pass them by, and to meet modern scientific agnosticism entirely upon the territory of its own facts...
-Psychosophy | by Cora Linn Victoria Scott Richmond
These lessons are published, primarily, as a book of reference for those who have been members of the classes receiving them. The essential Teachings herein contained, have been given at various times and places through this same medium for the past twenty years, but always heretofore verbally, in private or semi-private classes, because it was necessary that those listening to them should continue through the entire course. A great demand, however, has recently sprung up in the public mind for some concise presentation of the Teachings as herein expressed. This volume is a careful compilation from verbatim reports of several courses of lessons, each containing the essential fundamental bases of the Teachings, but varying in manner of presentation and illustration.
-What Happens After Death? | by Leading Writers and Thinkers
A Symposium by Leading Writers and Thinkers. "What happens after death?" is the most personal question there is, and this symposium from some of the most thoughtful and influential men of the day should add light to what is, perhaps, the greatest problem of all ages and the most vital. Opinions vary greatly, as the following titles show.
-The Sacred Book Of Death | by Lauron William De Laurence
Hindu spiritism soul transition and soul reincarnation. Exclusive instruction for the personal use of Dr. De Laurence's chelas (disciples) in hindu spiritism, soul transition, reincarnation, clairvoyancy and occultism
-Mahanirvana Tantra (Tantra of the Great Liberation) | Translated by Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe)
THE Indian Tantras, which are numerous, constitute the Scripture (Shastra) of the Kaliyuga, and as such are the voluminous source of present and practical orthodox "Hinduism." The Tantra Shastra is, in fact, and whatever be its historical origin, a development of the Vaidika Karmakanda, promulgated to meet the needs of that age. Shiva says: "For the benefit of men of the Kali age, men bereft of energy and dependent for existence on the food they eat, the Kaula doctrine, O auspicious one! is given" (Chap. IX., verse 12). To the Tantra we must therefore look if we would understand aright both ritual, yoga, and sadhana of all kinds, as also the general principles of which these practices are but the objective expression.
-Karpuradistotram. Karpuradi Stotra Tantrik Texts Vol IX | by Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe)
This celebrated Kaula Stotra, which is now translated from the Sanskrit for the first time, is attributed to Maha-kala Himself. The Text used is that of the edition published at Calcuttain1899 bytheSanskritPressDepository,witha commentary in Sanskrit by the late Mahamahopadhyaya Krishnantha Nyaya-panchAnana, who was both very learned in Tantra Shastra and faithful to his Dharma. He thus refused the offer of a good Government Post made to him personally by a former Lieutenant-Governor on the ground that he would not accept money for imparting knowledge.
-Studies In Saiva-Siddhanta | by J. M. Nallasvami Pillai
The assemblage of papers that make up the present volume, records the harvest of twenty-years' ceaseless research in a field of philosophy and mysticism, by one who is acknowledged on all hands to be one of the most well-informed interpreters of the Tamil developments of the great Agamic school of thought...
-The Book Of Talismans, Amulets And Zodiacal Gems | by William Thomas, Kate Pavitt
The subject of Talismans and Gems of the Zodiac covers a wide area, and the difficulty of arriving at a definite conclusion is increased because of the varying opinions between writers on these subjects as to the stones referred to, or intended by the Ancients, complicated still further by the different languages from which these records have been translated, and where Month or Zodiacal gems are referred to many of the writers are obviously unacquainted with Astrology or Astronomy.
-Divinity, The Choice of God | by Jeffrey Edwin Edelheit
I began writing the book several years ago as to share the feeling and experiences I was having through my transition period. Like so many people, I went looking to find the answer to feelings that were inside of me. Feelings that I could not find answers to or other people who could even remotely understand what was going on inside of me. It was like having an awareness of the universe and being caught in a body that I did not know what to do with...
-Life in the Great Beyond Or The Law of Life and Death | by A. Victor Segno
In giving the following record of life beyond the grave, I shall endeavor to give it exactly as it was revealed to me by one who passed beyond this vale of tears several years ago. The person referred to was, for many years before his release from this earth, in close communion with me and we were in perfect harmony of both mind and spirit. So closely did our minds accord that either had but to think and mentally express a wish and the other recognized it and responded.
-In The Light Of The Spirit | by Christian D. Larson
When you are confronted with problems that you cannot solve, or find yourself in the midst of conditions that are distressing and adverse, do not permit yourself to become disturbed for a moment. There is a simple secret that will invariably set you free and change everything for the best. And the secret is this - "Leave It To God."
-The Deeper Mysteries | by Edward Clarence Farnsworth
In submitting this third volume of the series begun with "Special Teachings from the Arcane Science," the author is aware that the times are not yet ready for much of its contents. Still the rapidly widening outlook of multitudes encourages the venture, and gives promise that, ere the coming of a great event - one for which in humble way this book is a preparation - certain of its chapters will be accepted, and even assimilated, by those whose eyes are toward the New Age now almost with us, and whose hearts are preparing for that large and complete message of which these pages contain only hints and fragments.
-Man Limitless | by Floyd B. Wilson
The dawning of the new century is marked as a thought-period in history. Representative man is doing his own thinking. He has advanced to a point where his consciousness has awakened to a conception of his possibilities. Step by step he has progressed through the ages; now, at one leap or bound, he links himself to Infinity and claims the realization of his hopes and ideals as his birthright. He demands if Infinity holds secrets that they shall be disclosed to him; because he is one with infinite life.

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