That is see with unperturbed mind.

' Meditate on' (Dhyayanti)

Hara is He who removes (Harati) the threefold pains (Adhyitmika, Adhibhautika, Adhidaivika) of Jivas. His spouse is Shakti, that is She who grants Liberation to Jivas and is Sachchidanandarupini.'

' Spouse of

Hara ' (Harabadhum)

Art established.

' Hast entered ' (Pravishtam)

Chit-shakti On account of Her being self-manifested. Chandi speaks of 'Her who pervades the whole universe as consciousness (Chit)'

' Flaming pyre'


That is very powerful.

' Fearful' (Ghorabhih)

That is Mahabhutas which are auspicious (Shiva) before being made fivefold (Panchikrita).

'Jackals' (Shivabhih)

The white colour of the skulls and bones indicates the white Sattvaguna. Hence associated with the Sattva and other Gunas of the Jivas dissolved in Mahapralaya.

' Skulls & bones '


That is She is always the same, fresh, unchanging, and unwasting.

' Ever youthful'


She, after subduing Parama Shiva to Her will, has willingly enjoyment in the work of creation, preservation and dissolution. Nirvana Tantra says, 'The Vama (She who is on the left) is the

' Satisfied with enjoyment'


1Santushtam upariauratena, that is, viparitarati, or viparitavihara as to which see note 5 of last shloka.

2 Commentator K. B., literally ' hey nowhere suffer (Kvachi-dapi na), that is, neither in this nor the next world defeat or humiliation.'

Grantrix of Great Liberation after conquering the Dakshina (Shiva who is on the right).' Gandharva Tantra says, 'She who is the Sun, Moon, and Fire and half of Ha (Shiva) puts down the Purusha and enjoys him from above.' Niruttara Tantra says, 'When Nirguna Kali becomes Saguna She is engaged in Viparltarati.' The Yogavashishtha in the Nirvana prakarana says, 'Natural unity is Shiva. Creation is (compared with it) unnatural.' That is the Mahadevi is Nirguna Braman in Her Svarupa aspect and the subversion of this Svarupa is the cause of creation.

' Nowhere'

(Kvachidapi na)

In no birth.

Humiliated (Paribhavah)

That is they are not subjected to birth, death, and rebirth and attain Nirvana.

What, indeed, 0 Mother,1 can we of so dull a mind say of Thee whose True Being2 not even Dhata,3 Isha4 or Hari 5 know? Yet, despite our dullness and ignorance, our devotion towards Thee makes us talk of Thee.6 Therefore, 0 Dark Devi,7


1 Janani; origin of the three worlds.

2 Paramam, or ' reality' (Commentator K. B.).

3 Dhata is Brahma who dispenses the fruits of Karma. (V)

4 Shiva. Isha : Rudra who wields the power of Ishvara-hood. (V)

5 Hari: Vishnu who dispels the threefold sorrows of Jivas. (V)

6 Tathapi lvadbhaktir mukharayati. Tathdpi: still, despite our dullness and ignorance (V). Tvadbhaktih: inclination to sing Thy praises (V). Mukharayati: impels to utter ,words in praise of Thee (V).

7 This is literal but According to V Asite = unhmited one. Mahakala-samhita says, ' Unthinkable, unlimited, Shakti Itself, which is That on which all that is manifested rests, beyond the Gunas, free of the opposites (Dvandva) to be apprehended only through Buddhi: Thyself alone art Supreme Brahman.' (V) forgive this our folly. Anger towards ignorant creatures such as we, is not befitting Thee.1