That is, devoid of discrimination.

The Bagala Stotra says, 'Oh four-armed, four-headed, worshipful Parameshvari, Oh Devi Ambika who art ever worshipped with devotion by Krishna, Oh Parameshvari who art worshipped by the Lord of the daughter of Himalaya, grant beauty, grant victory ' and so forth.


(Vimudhah) Enlightened (Vibudhaib)

Who art before and the beginning of the world.


Which is Viparita as above described.

Union (Rati)

That is Rasa.

4 Wine'

0 Kali, spouse of Girisha,1 Thou art Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.2 Thou art all. Thou art one and beneficent.3 What can be said in praise of Thee, 0 Mother? Of Thy mercy show Thy favour towards me, helpless as I am. By Thy grace may I never be reborn.4


1 The Lord who inhabits the mountain, whereas, Girisha is Lord thereof.

2 Limgapurana says, 'Devi becomes matter' (Kshetra). She is Kshetrasvarupa, that is, the field or matter which is known by the soul (Kshetrajna). See Lalita Sahasranama (fourth hundred) for the Brahman who creates the visible world Itself enters into it (Tat srishtva tad evanuprabishat.)

3 Kalyani. According to the Padma Parana, Devi is worshipped as Kalyani in the Malaya Mountain.

4 Bhavam amu na bhuyan mamajanuh, that is, liberated. The Shya-marahasya reads Bhavam ananubhuyat, using bhavam as meaning duhkham (pain), arising from bhava (the world) (K.B.).