' Kali'

Dispeller of the fear Kala or Death.

' Thou art


(Dharitri kilangshuchirapi samiropi gaga nam)

Guptarnava Tantra says, 'Thou art Earth, Thou art Water, Thou art Fire, Thou art the Air of the world, Thou art Ether, Thou art Mind as Manas, Ahangkara, Mahat (Buddhi) and Thou art Prakriti. Thou art also, Oh Mother, Atma. Thou art the Supreme. Nothing is greater than Thee. Oh Devi of terrible form showing Thy teeth may my sins be forgiven me.' The Triputa Stotra also says, 'Thou art the Adhara Shakti and the Adhara. Thou dost pervade the world and the world is in Thee.'

'One' (Eka)

Without a second.

Beneficent (Kalyani)

Because She grants Nirvana Liberation to Jivas.

'Spouse of Girisha' (Girisharamani.)

Spouse of Shiva. Or He who is in the Giri or Kuta is Girisha that is Kutastha Brahman; His spouse or Shakti. Though changeless (Nirvikara) Thou dost appear as the twenty-four Tattvas, namely, Earth and the rest through Thy Maya. The Devisukta of the Big Veda says, 'Thou who art one and many, subtle and the Vikaras (gross things) and giveth birth to millions of universes.'

'Atl' (Sakalam)

Shruti says, 'Verily all this is Brahman '.

' Helpless' (Agatikam)

On account of liability to rebirth despite Sadhana.

He, 0 Mahakali,1 who in the cremation-ground, naked, and with dishevelled hair, intently 2 meditates upon Thee 3 and recites


1 Mahakali, Shakti of Mahakala.

2 Susthah : with undistracted mind. (V)

3 Tava dhyana-niratah, that is, Upon Thy form. (V)

Thy mantra, and with each recitation makes offering to Thee of a thousand Akanda flowersl with seed,' becomes without any effort a Lord of the earth.3