'Devotee' ( Bhaktah)

The Sadhaka who is a Yogi on the Divya path.

The Abode'

( Kusumadhanusho mandiram)

The triangular Yoni Mandala in the Muladhara. Nirvana Tantra says, 'In the triangle, the abode of Kama, the Limga is Maheshvara.'

'With its own flowers'

Adorned with the Svayambhu-limga which is compared to a flower. Goraksha Samhita says, 'He is truly wise who knows the supreme Tejas in the Yoni called Svayambhu-limga.. Others are but beasts of burden.

' Lord of Gandharvas' (Gandharva-shrenipatih)

A great singer. It is said ' there is nothing better than a song.'

'Poesy' (Kavitvamrita-Dadinadinab)

He becomes like the great poet Kalidasa.

' Is great' (Prabhavati)

He attains Nirvana on being united with Thee who ar Sachchidanandarupa. Kurma Purana says, 'Brahmavadis have learnt in all Vedas and Vedantas the one, omnipresent, subtle (Kutastha), immovable, absolute, endless, undecaying Brahman, the sole supreme Nishkala Tattva higher than the highest, eternal, auspicious, wondrous.' Devigita says 'Oh Mountain, he in whom Parabhakti is thus generated becomes merged in Pure Consciousness.'

1He becomes a Pandita in all literature. The Kali Tantra, quoted in the Kalikalpalata, says that in strength he becomes like the wind, in wealth of gifts like Indra, and in the musical art like Tamburn (K.B.) - a Rishi, master of music and inventor of the tambur.

2 Paramapadalinah prabhavati, that is, he attains nirvana (K. B.). Prabhavati: becomes capable of creating and so forth on being merged with Thy Supreme Feet (V). The word literally means 'Excels.'

He who at night, when in union with his Shakti,1 meditates with centred mind2 on Thee, 0 Mother with gently smiling face, as on the breast of the corpse-like Shiva, lying on a fifteen-angled yantra3 deeply enlisted in sweet amorous play with Mahakala,4 himself becomes the destroyer of the God of Love.5