'Naked' (Nagnah)

That is free from the covering of Maya; Nirvikara.

' Amorous play'



That is enjoying the bliss of union between Atma and Parashakti. The Kularnava Tantra says, 'That is coition (Maithuna) in which there is the bliss arising from the union of Atma and Parashakti. Others are but Enjoyers of women.'

' Becomes' (Syat)

That is, becomes liberated whilst yet living (Jivanmukta) like Shiva.

0 Mother, this Hymn of Thine is the source from whence originates Thy mantra.1 It sings of Thy rea self, and contains injunctions for the worship of Thy two lotus Feet. He who reads it at midnight or at time of worship2 even his random talk3 becomes the nectar juice of poesy.