Thy real self ' (Svarupa-khyam)



Speaks of the Dhyana of both Thy gross and subtle aspects.

That is recites aloud. The Vishuddheshvara Tantra says, 'Oh Devi, the reading of a Hymn (Stotra) mentally, or the recitation of a Mantra loudly is as ineffectual as water in a broken jar.'


1Manusamuddharanajanuh - that is, cause of mantroddhara : formation of Mantra of Devi. The mantra is made known, and then impressed with the life and consciousness (chaitanya) of the sadhaka (mantrachaitanya),

2 Puja.

3 That is, even his meaningless delirious talk, as in fever or madness, etc. (K. B.).

He becomes full of the sweetness of Poesy. The Kalikula-sarvasva says, 'All whose difficulties and dangers are destroyed by a single reading, as it were flies in a flame. His speech flows like the Ganges full of prose and poetry.'

'Nectar of

Poesy' (Prasarati kavitvamritarasah)

Numbers of women with large eyes, like those of the antelope,1 impatient for his love, ever follow him. Even the King becomes subject to his control. He becomes like unto Kuvera2 himself. An enemy fears him as if he were a prison. Living in continuous bliss3 the devotee is liberated when yet living, and is never again reborn.4

Here ends the Hymn by Shri Mahakala, entitled Karpura-distotia.