Immortal Atma Swaroopa!
Blessed Seeker of TRUTH!

Om Namo Narayanaya.

The Divine Grace of the Lord of the Universe, Jagadeeshwara Mahadev, the Vishwa Natha, shower upon you and fill your life with Light, Joy and supreme Peace of Atman! Maha-Siva-Ratri, one of the holiest of holy days in this land of ours, would have been observed from the Himalayas to Kanyakumari by the time this letter comes to you. Worship of the Great God with intense devotion and holy fervour would have been witnessed all over India and the spirit of worshipfulness and adoration would have purified the Nation's atmosphere with its unique spiritually sanctifying touch.

Devotion should pervade the entire life-process of man here on earth. To live is to adore the Divine each moment of your life. To know and to be aware that God resides in all living beings, nay, in all things animate and inanimate, is verily the source of all righteousness. This knowledge is the root and support of Dharma. No man would injure another when he is intensely aware that God is in him. For he would be directly offending Him! Therefore, see Him in all and act with devotion and reverence towards all. Sarvam Shivamayam, Sarvam, Vishnumayam. Thus let thy heart whisper within with every beat. Let thy blood flow to the rhythm of this sublime truth. Let thy body pulsate to the note of this constant assertion - every thing is permeated with the Divine Essence! Then indeed will every act of yours become a sacred sacrament, a spiritual Yajna, Mahapuja. This is the glorious truth about your life. Arise to the dawn-light of this luminous Vision. See God here and now! And worship Him here and now. In this lies the grandeur and the blessedness of human life.

Gracious, most gracious indeed is the Lord. Avail of His Grace Divine, the ever-present Love that is ceaselessly pouring upon us all. The irony of human life is not the withholding of Grace by a remote Divinity, but actually, man's rejection of the ever-present Love and Grace, running madly after egoistical pursuits and fleshy sensations. He would rather dedicate his entire life to his five senses than open his heart to the descent of Divine Love and Grace that seeks to enfold him in its infinite compassion and uplift him to the supreme blessedness.

Modern men and women should consciously seek to feel and recognise the nearness of God and the fact of His Love. This is an important task in your life. Your life is not just fleshy sensation and silly sentiment. Cultivate the deeper level of thy inner being. Become increasingly conscious of thy close kinship in your essential nature with the Cosmic Being. You are never apart from him. You are linked and spiritually related to Him every moment of your life and eternally. This knowledge is the only real Bread of Life that nourishes your being as no other earthly nutriment shall ever be capable of doing. This knowledge is not only the Bread of Life, but is Life itself. O Man! Be nourished by this life-sustaining Divine Manna! God is nigh. His life sustains you. He is your breath, your life, your strength and your support. In Him alone is your Peace and Joy. Abiding in Him, you lack nothing. Leaving Him, you are as nothing and are verily beggared. The Lord is your supreme wealth of wealths. May Shiva, the ever-propitious, the ever-auspicious one be gracious unto you.

Last month I had an opportunity to visit, after many years, the devotees of Divine Life in the cities of Rajkot and Ahmedabad in Gujarat state. The Rotarians had arranged a noble Drishti-dana Yajna at Rajkot, and Dr. Adhwaryoo, Gurudev's great devoted messenger in Gujarat, was in charge of the surgical work there. It was an intense four days of Satsangs, lectures, visits and meetings for this servant. Went back one day to blessed Virnagar, holy centre of Divine Life in Gujarat (I call it Anand Kutir in Saurashtra) for meeting all old friends there. Wonderful work they did at Rajkot Eye-camp.

The Ahmedabad visit too was indeed very nice and satisfactory in Seva. Paid homage to the memory of the holy saint, Gita-vyas Sri Swami Vidyanandji Maharaj of Gita-prachar fame when I visited the Gita Mandir for the main public meeting of the city. Sri Surya Kant B. Shah, the able secretary of the Ahmedabad Divine Life Society Branch had well organised the entire programme, including a successful Press Conference and lectures at the Gujarat Vidyapeet as well as the Jyoti Samaj, a premier women's social-service organisation in the city. My visit to the Sabarmati Ashram for evening prayer hour while at Ahmedabad and my visits to the Rashtriya Shala and the Vidya Vihar at Rajkot were memorable indeed. Those places made me feel the vital presence of the spirit of Mahatmaji by their ideal atmosphere.

Advent of the spring season is at hand. All life is renewed now. May there be fresh awakenings unto Divine Life and spiritual aspiration within your heart! God bless you.

With Regards, Prem and Pranams,

Yours in Gurudev
Swami Chidananda

Sivanandashram Letter No. XIX