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MoonChild | by Aleister-Crowley

This is a novel by Crowley about a magical war between a white lodge ( led by Iff ) and a black lodge ( led by Douglas ) over an unborn child, the "moonchild" of the title, with the action moving between London, Paris and a villa in Naples. It was written in 1917 in New Orleans.

AuthorAleister Crowley
PublisherMandrake Press


 This book was written in 1917, during such leisure as my efforts to bring America into the War on our side allowed me. Hence my illusions on the subject, and the sad showing of Simon Iff at the end. Need I add that, as the book itself demonstrates beyond all doubt, all persons and incidents are purely the figment of a disordered imagination?

London, 1929. A.C.

-Chapter I: A Chinese God
London, in England, the capital city of the British Empire, is situated upon the banks of the Thames. It is not likely that...
-Chapter II: A Philosophical Disquisition Upon The Nature Of The Soul
There is little difference - barring our Occidental subtlety -- between Chinese philosophy and English ...
-Chapter III: Telekinesis: Being The Art Of Moving Objects At A Distance
The Countess Mottich was far more famous than most Prime Ministers or Imperial Chancellors
-Chapter IV: Lunch, After All; And A Luminous Account Of The Fourth Dimension
"I confess to hunger," said Simon Iff, after a few moments. Cyril kissed Lisa on the mouth, and ...
-Chapter V: Of The Thing In The Garden; And Of The Way Of The Tao
"Oh, little Brother!" said the old mystic sadly.
-Chapter VI: Of A Dinner, With The Talk Of Divers Guests
Simon Iff and Cyril Grey had slipped out of the reception-room to clothe themselves according to their dignity in the Order.
-Chapter VII: Of The Oath Of Lisa La Giuffria; And Of Her Vigil In The Chapel Of Abominations
Before we go further," began Cyril Grey, "I think it right to express a doubt as to the advisability of our procedure ...
-Chapter VIII: Of The Homunculus; Conclusion Of The Former Argument Concerning The Nature Of The Soul
"I Am going to be perfectly horrid," said Simon Iff, leaning over to Lisa, and measuring his words with the minutest care.
-Chapter IX: How They Brought The Bad News From Arago To Quincampoix: And What Action Was Taken Thereupon
Just as Lord Antony Bowling turned into the Grands Boulevards from the Faubourg Montmartre, Akbar Pasha was leaving them
-Chapter X: How They Gathered The Silk For The Weaving Of The Butterfly-Net
Cyril Grey made the midnight invocation to the Sun-God, Khephra, the Winged Beetle, upon the crest of the Long Rocher; and he made the morning invocation ...
-Chapter XI: Of The Moon Of Honey, And Its Events; With Sundry Remarks On Magick; The Whole Adorned With Moral Reflections Useful To The Young
The many-terraced garden of the villa was planted with olive and tamarind, orange and cypress;
-Chapter XII: Of Brother Onofrio, His Stoutness And Valiance; And Of The Misadventures That Came Thereby To The Black Lodge
The ecclesiastic is a definite type of man. The Italian priest has changed his character in three thousand years as little as he has his costume.
-Chapter XIII: Of The Progress Of The Great Experiment; Not Forgetting Our Friends Last Seen In Paris, About Whose Welfare Much Anxiety Must Have Been Felt
Early in January Cyril Grey received a letter from Lord Antony Bowling. "My good Grey," it began, "may the New Year bring you courage to break your resolutions early!
-Chapter XIV: An Informative Discourse Upon The Occult Character Of The Moon, Her Threefold Nature, Her Fourfold Phases, And Her Eight-And-Twenty Mansions; With An Account Of The Events That Preceded The Climax Of The Great Experiment, But Especially Of The Vision Of Iliel
The Ancients, whose wisdom is so much despised by those who have never studied it, but content themselves with a pretence of understanding modern science which deceives nobody, would have smiled to observe how often ...
-Chapter XV: Of Dr. Vesquit And His Companions, How They Fared In Their Work Of Necromancy; And Of A Council Of War Of Cyril Grey And Brother Onofrio; With Certain Opinions Of The Former Upon The Art Of Magick.
The Neapolitan winter had overpassed its common clemency; save for a touch of frost, kindly and wholesome, on a few nights, it had no frown or rigour
-Chapter XVI: Of The Spreading Of The Butterfly-Net; With A Delectable Discourse Concerning Divers Orders Of Being; And Of The State Of The Lady Iliel, And Her Desires, And Of The Second Vision That She Had In Waking.
A Great peace brooded on the Villa. Daily sun gathered the strength; and the west wind told the flowers that a little bird had whispered to him that the spring was coming.
-Chapter XVII: Of The Report Which Edwin Arthwait Made To His Chief, And Of The Deliberations Of The Black Lodge Thereupon; And Of The Conspiracies There- By Concerted; With A Discourse Upon Sorcery
quot;Exordiumatically, deponent precateth otity orient exaudient, dole basilical's assumpt. Pragmatics, ex Ventro Genesiaco ad umbilicum Apocalypticum, determinated logomachoepy's nodal puncts, genethliacally benedict, eschatologically --- kakoglaphyrotopical! Ergmoiraetic, apert parthenorhododactylical, colophoned thanatoskianko-morphic!
-Chapter XVIII: The Dark Side Of The Moon
The spring gathered her garments together, then flung them wide over the Bay of Naples. Hers is the greatest force in Nature, because her clarion sounds the summons of creation. It is she that ...
-Chapter XIX: The Grand Bewitchment
The Operation planned by the Black Lodge was simple and colossal both in theory and in practice. It was based on the prime principle of Sympathetic Magic, which is that if you destroy anything which is bound up with anybody by an identifying link that person also perishes.
-Chapter XX: Walpurgis-Night
The spring in Naples had advanced with eager foot; in her gait she revealed the truth of her godhead; and by the end of April there was no wreath of snow on Apennine, or Alban, or Apulian Hill.
-Chapter XXI: Of The Renewal Of The Great Attack; And How It Fared
Douglas had been decidedly put out by the death of his wife. After all, she had been a sort of habit; a useful drudge, when all was said. Besides, he missed, acutely, the pleasures of torturing ...
-Chapter XXII: Of A Certain Dawn Upon Our Old Friend The Boulevard Arago; And Of The Loves Of Lisa La Giuffria And Abdul Bey, How They Prospered. Of The Conclusion Of The False Alarm Of The Great Experiment, And Of A Conference Between Douglass And His Subordinates.
Lord Antony Bowling was one of three men in the War Office who could speak French perfectly; despite this drawback, he had been selected to confer with the French headquarters in Paris. Here he met Cyril Grey, busy with his tailor. The young magician had once held a captaincy in a Hussar regiment, ...
-Chapter XXIII: Of The Arrival Of A Chinese God Upon The Field Of Battle; Of His Success With His Superiors And Of A Sight Which He Saw Upon The Road To Paris. Also Of That Which Thereby Came Unto Him, And Of The End Of All Those Things Whose Event Begat A Certain Beginning
Unmatched in history is the Retreat of the British Army from Mons. It was caught unprepared; it had to fight three weeks before it was ready; it was outnumbered three to one by a triumphant enemy; it was not co-ordinated with the French armies ...

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