The present collection of game fish studies has been made during the last twenty-five years especially to satisfy the peculiar requirements of anglers, scientists, and government officials. To please his patrons the artist has endeavored to study and copy each species of fish in action as near to nature as possible, and from the living fresh caught specimens before the dying, dull, color-change appears.

Only the angler is really familiar with the beautiful color of the live fish when taken from its natural habitat. Aquarium specimens which exist, (even a short time) in a subdued light, soon fade, and gradually lose that beauty of color which is theirs when they are first taken from their natural environment and deprived of their natural food. Most people know fish only from the corpse-like objects exposed for sale in shops and very few (even anglers) have ever seen the glorious beauty of the male brook trout in his nuptial attire in the spawning period. Again, fish caught in shady deep-water are much darker than the same fish caught in light-shallow water, and, as with other creatures, the male is always more highly colored. Both sexes have less coloring in spring than in the fall spawning season.

Among the paintings shown are various studies of the three most popular species of trout caught on the Eastern Seaboard - Brook trout, Brown or English trout (sometimes erroneously named German trout) and Rainbow trout. Each of these has a distinct coloration varied according to its habitat, so that each must be painted in a manner which I can only describe as Idealisic Realism. Even that, where comparatively successful, requires an accurate memory and many careful though quickly worked preparatory studies. The work here shown is the result of efforts in that direction.

Of American Marine And Freshwater Gamefish In Thei 93Of American Marine And Freshwater Gamefish In Thei 91

Catalogue Of An Exhibition OF

Of American Marine And Freshwater Gamefish In Thei 92

At The Anderson Galleries

(Mitchell Kennerley, President) Park Avenue And Fifty-Ninth Street, New York

From March 18 To 29-Open Week-Days 10 To 6. Sundays 2 To 5 P.M.

One Hundred

Oil Paintings by

Louis Rhead

(Gold Medal Award, St. Louis Exposition for Gamensh Picture)

List Of Marine Gamefish

Blue Fish (Pomatums Saltatrix)

"Plunging into a school of moss bunkers with snapping jaws, it gorges and disgorges as it moves along; in its wake are long streaks of blood, and flocks of gulls feeding on the fragments."

Prof. Brown Goode.

Striped Bass (Baccus Liscatus) A dash through the surf. Tarpon (Megalops Thissoides) A leap for freedom. Leaping Tuna (Orcynus Thynnus) Weakfish (Cynoscion Regale) Striped Bass (Young Specimen)

Selection Of Twelve Bermuda Marine Fishes

Portrait Of Izaak Walton (After picture in National Portrait Gallery, London)

List Of Marine Gamefish 94

List Of Freshwater Gamefish

Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar). Five examples. Rainbow Trout (Salmo Irideno). Four examples. Brown Trout (Salmo Fario). Four examples. Brook Trout (Salvelinus Fontinalis). Fourteen examples. Ouananiche (Salmo Sebago). Two examples. Grayling (Thymallus Tricolor). One example. Mascalonge (Esox Masquinongy). Three examples. Pike (Esox Lucious). Three examples.

Bass (Micropterus Dolomieu). Eight examples. Bass (Micropterus Salmoides). Eight examples.

Landscape, Grande Decharge. Three examples.

Landscape, Trout Fishing. Four examples.

Birch Bark (Four Species Trout). Four examples.

Mounted Salmon Skin (Caught by F. Gray Griswold, Esq., in the Cascapedia).

Mounted Pickerel.

Folio Of Thirty Watercolor Paintings Of Fishes

List Of Freshwater Gamefish 95