Shark fishing is a stupendous sport resorted to by persons who have a hankering after excitement. Parties who go on shark-fishing expeditions, engage a vessel for the purpose, together with experienced hands as assistants. The ship-chandler furnishes them with lines, while a blacksmith is engaged to make hooks, swivels, etc, of the sizes wanted. The line is a strong hemp cord made for the purpose, and hooks of various patterns are used. Almost any shaped hook will catch a shark, provided it is strong enough to hold him. When you get to your sharking ground, you launch your small boat, and tie your line to the stern. The hook should be fastened to it by a chain and swivel, and is baited with a good sized piece of beef or pork. You then row your boat along rapidly until you get a bite. Do not get too far from your vessel, as when you once get a bite, and hook the monster, you must bring him along side before you attempt to land him, or he may upset you in his wrath.

Catching the devil-fish is a favorite amusement of the South Carolinians. These monsters frequent the sounds and inlets thereabout in schools, and are killed in various ways - by harpooning, shooting, etc. The sizes of the fish thus taken are from twenty to thirty feet long. After being struck with a harpoon, the devil-fish will sometimes run many miles, towing a boat full of men after him. The sport of taking them is very exciting.