So called from the red in his eyes, and on his fins. You will almost always find many of them together. They are in season in August, and may be taken for the next two or three months. They like to swim in clear water; but their flesh has a very muddy taste - not good for much

You must not expect to catch roaoh in clear water, unless your tackle be very fine and you keep out of sight. You may catch roach with flies, artificial or dead natural ones, at any part of the day. A good plan is to kill the flies and dry them in an oven. Put them on the hook and stand behind a bush or tree; drop the fly lightly on the top of the water-The roach will think the fly has fallen from the tree - will rise from his deep hole, and swim softly round and round, and at last a good splash will tell you the fish is hooked. If a large one you ought to let the line run, and be careful how you land him or he will be sure to break your line.