The following plates illustrate the formation, types and breed characteristics of the leading breeds of beef and dairy cattle, sheep, hogs, horses, mules, and poultry.

These are presented here as a basis for the production of exhibits and material for demonstrations which Scouts may prepare for use at Merit Badge Expositions, Scout-o-ramas, Circuses, community, county, state or inter-state fairs, or at Scout street shows, window displays and other public demonstrations of the farm Merit Badge interests and of rural Scouting in general.

These pages will prove useful in the preparation of "Animal Husbandry" booth, where live animals are not available and in connection with real animals when possible. Scouts may make life size or miniature "cut-outs" from these pictures which show breed types, markings and formation. Color them properly and thus show the true breed markings and their chief physical characteristics. These pages may also be used in connection with live stock and poultry judging.

Such "cut-outs" can be made from any of the various "composition boards" or may be worked out from the thin boards of packing boxes and crates. Large or enlarged photographs of live stock and poultry may be used as patterns of such "cut-outs"-so that an animal husbandry (or other farm interest booth) may be decorated with animal types in "cut-outs" or photographs, one of each having been made by individual Scouts, or by a Patrol working together. Canvas or cloth "cut-outs" may be made and colored similarly and used for both exhibit and Scout circus purposes.

CowsRural Scout Fair Exhibit New York


At fairs and agricultural expositions, where live animals are available for exhibit and demonstration purposes, the craft-type "cut-outs" will make excellent background and helpful material for use in demonstrations as well as for decoration of booths.

There are at least fifteen different Merit Badge subjects with which these craft suggestions may be used.

Large size cloth "effigies" of live stock with boys inside make excellent circus "stunt" aids. The animated "two-boy" cow will "bring the house down"! Sometimes it brings the "cow" down too!

Herds of cows, beef cattle, sheep, hogs and flocks of poultry will make interesting circus or Scout show activities for Scouts. Imagine a chorus of beef cattle at a Scout circus singing "Home on the Range."

A chanticleer convention of poultry holding a pre-Thanksgiving "protest"-or a similar conclave of the barnyard inhabitants-can be made a real fun-craft feature.

Cow And Bull CalfSheep