State of California, County of Santa Barbara, ss.

Whereas, Jesse Hall, James Roach, N. O. Nelson and Elmer Stearns, inhabitants of Road District number Ten of Santa Barbara County, taxable therein for road purposes, have petitioned in writing the Board of Supervisors of said Santa Barbara County to lay out a new road therein, as set forth in their petition, dated the fourth day of April, 1905, and filed with the Clerk of said Board, which said road is proposed to be located fifty (50) feet in width in said Road District No. 10, County and State aforesaid, as follows, to-wit: Twenty-five (25) feet on each side of the following described line: Commencing at a post on the East side of the Santa Ynez River, etc., to a post in the center of the County Road, and the terminus of the road petitioned for.

Now, therefore, in consideration of the location and establishment of said road as above described, and of the benefits to accrue to us and each of us by such location, we, the undersigned, owners, occupants and claimants of land required for road purposes on the line of the foregoing designated route, hereby signify our approval of the location of said road, and do hereby consent thereto; and we do hereby grant and dedicate the lands belonging to us and each of us, so far as the same may be required for such road, to said County of Santa Barbara, to that purpose and for the use of such road; and we hereby waive all claims for damage for and on account of the same.

The grant of said lands to said County by said grantors is made on the condition that should the said grantee for any reason fail to use the lands hereby granted as a public highway, then the title hereby granted shall revert back to the grantors herein, their heirs or assigns, without incumbrance.

In witness whereof, we hereunto set our hands and seals, this 25th day of April, 1905.

Jesse Hall, (L. S.)

James Roach, (L. S.)

N. O. Nelson, (L. S.)

Elmer Stearns. (L. S.)