Los Angeles, Cal., Feb. 5th, 1905.

Received of George Blish, the sum of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00), being a deposit and part payment on Lot Thirty-three (33) in Block Fifteen (15) of the Downey Tract, in the City of Los Angeles, State of California, as per sale thereof made this date through Jones & Johnson to said Blish for the sum of Six Thousand Dollars ($6,000.00), payable in cash, the undersigned to furnish an unlimited certificate of title showing said premises free and clear of all incumbrances at this date, and a grant, bargain and sale deed, conveying said premises to said Blish; the balance of said money and the said deed to be placed in escrow with the Title Insurance & Trust Company of Los Angeles, within ten (10) days from this date. If the balance of Five Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($5,500.00) be not paid, as aforesaid, within said ten (10) days, the above deposit shall be forfeited to the undersigned as liquidated damages.

(Signed) Peter Jackson.

The above memorandum of sale is hereby agreed to.

(Signed) George Blish.