I do hereby apply to the Security Savings Bank of Los Angeles, Cal., for a loan of Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000) for a term of three years, at 6 per cent interest per annum, to be paid quarterly from the date of signing note and mortgage.

To be secured by a first mortgage upon the following described real estate, situated in the City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, State of California, to-wit: Lot 376 of the Alexandre Weill Tract, as per map recorded in Book 26, page 85, Miscellaneous Records of Los Angeles County, having a frontage of 50 feet by 160 feet in depth, situated on the west side of Central Street, between 14th and 15th Streets, House No. 1402. For the purpose of securing said loan I hereby make the following statements and answers: Buildings and improvements on said property are one 8-room house. Cash value of the land is $3,000. Value of buildings is $2,500. Total $5,500. If leased, on what terms? $35 per month. Are there any mortgages or other liens against the property? If so, describe them. None. In whom is title vested? In undersigned. How long have you owned the property? • Two years. Name of applicant and wife. M. C. Cuddeback, unmarried. Who is in possession? James Howard. Under what kind of an agreement? Lease for two years from January 1, 1905. Is the property a homestead? No. Give date of completion of latest improvement. Two years since. Has notice of completion of improvement been recorded? It was.

It is understood by me that the taxes referred to by the Constitution and Revenue Laws of the State of California, referring to the payment by mortgagees of taxes assessed against them as owners of real estate, are only those general taxes assessed and collected for the support and maintenance of government, state, county and city or town. That all other taxes and assessments, including those levied or assessed for the opening, widening, grading, regrading and the improvement of streets, roads, highways; for the construction of sidewalks, sewers, and for school houses and for the support of schools, and those taxes levied by irrigation districts, are properly to be paid by me and not by the mortgagee, and I hereby declare that in case of the loan being applied for, being made by me, I will pay and discharge before delinquency, with my own money, and without expectation of reimbursement, all special taxes and assessments as hereinbefore mentioned that may be assessed against you on my property, except those for the support and maintenance of state, county and city on town government.

And I hereby agree to furnish a complete certificate of the title of my property acceptable to you at my expense; also to pay expense of acknowledgments and recording, and to permit the Title Papers to remain with the Security Savings Bank during the existence of the loan. I also agree to have the property insured in any company you may select in the sum of $2,500 and deliver to you the policies.

You are hereby authorized to pay all liens and taxes out of the proceeds of the loan.

Dated, April 2d, 1904.

M. C. Cuddeback, (Seal) Address, 1306 Santee Street. Telephone, Home 1131.