Escrow No. 30777.

Los Angeles, Cal., April 11, 1905. Title Insurance and Trust Co.:

Herewith please find check for $5000 which you are authorized to use in connection with your order No. 157,311 when you can issue an Unlimited Certificate of Title in your usual form, on Lot 15 in Block D, of the Wolfskill Tract, as per map recorded in Book 12, page 100, of Miscellaneous Records of Los Angeles County, which will show that the title to said property is vested in Jules Verne, free from all incumbrances, except taxes of the fiscal year..............and a mortgage, executed by favor of..............for $......... due............years after..............with interest at...........% per.............payable

I understand that the certificate which will be issued will except instruments, trusts, defects, liens, easements and incumbrances and the rights or claims of parties in possession of the property not shown by any public record, and also, the following:

1. Mining claims, existing roads, water locations and reversions contained in United States Patents.

2. Records of Irrigation, Drainage, Reclamation, Levee, Protection and Sanitary Districts if the property described therein lies within the boundaries of any such districts.

3. Municipal taxes and the assessments and the effect and operation of the municipal laws, ordinances and regulations, proceedings for street, sewer, shade tree and sidewalk improvements, and for opening, widening and other changes in streets or alleys, if the property described therein lies within the boundaries of any incorporated City except the City of Los Angeles.

4. Proceedings for street, sewer, shade tree, and sidewalk improvement, and for the opening, widening and other changes in streets or alleys in the City of Los Angeles, unless the amount of the assessment therefor has become fixed and shown as a lien by the recording of the warrant at the date thereof in the public office designated by law.

5. The validity or legality of tax sales, street assessments, leases, easements, declarations of homesteads and money judgments.

I also understand that you will file necessary deeds and mortgages, then pay off such incumbrances as may exist at the time of filing such instruments, to vest the title as above and shall not be held responsible for any liens which may attach after such filing.

Obtain the note secured by said mortgage.

Before completing the transaction, have transferred to me $........., fire insurance which will expire............

If you are unable to comply with these instructions within fifteen days from this date, said amount to be returned to me on demand.

Instruct the Recorder to mail the Instruments connected with the transactions, as follows: to grantee, 314 Byrne Building, and when the transaction is completed you may send all documents connected therewith to grantee at above address.

Additional Instructions : I agree to pay following charges: For recording deed to me $1.20; for certificate vesting title in me $5.00

(Signature) Jules Verne, Address : 314 Byrne Building. Phono Main 233.

Approved. Use the money and record instruments to place the title in the condition required by the foregoing instructions.

I agree to pay following charges: For continuation of certificate, $7.50.

Walter Scott» 927 Burlington Avenue.