Percy Woodman, doing business under the firm name and style of Woodman Lumber Co., vs. Century Building Company, a Corporation. State of California, County of Los Angeles, ss.

Notice is hereby given, that Percy Woodman, doing business under the firm name and style of Woodman Lumber Co., claims a lien on the premises hereinafter described for materials to be used and which were actually used in the construction of that certain building or structure, now upon that certain lot and parcel of land situate in the County of Los Angeles, State of California, and sought to be charged with this lien, and described as follows, to wit: That certain frame dwelling house and structure known and designated as No. 2707 Cambridge street, on that certain lot known as Lot 10, in Block D, of the Harvard Heights Tract, as per map recorded in the office of the County Recorder of Los Angeles County, in Book 6 of Miscellaneous Records, at page 293;

That said Century Building Company, a Corporation, is and was at all times herein mentioned, the owner and reputed owner of said premises, and caused said building or structure to be constructed as herein mentioned;

That said Century Building Company is the name of the person or corporation by whom claimant was employed, and for whom and at whose instance and request the material herein mentioned was furnished to and for the construction of said building upon the land hereinabove described;

That all of said land is required for the convenient use and occupation of said building and structure;

That the following is a statement of the claim and demand of said claimant, and of the terms and time given and the conditions of his said contract; that said material was furnished between the 7th day of April, 1905, and the 29th day of April, 1905; that the terms were, cash on delivery, amounting in all to Five hundred and twenty-five dollars ($525), and the items thereof, dates of delivery and amounts thereof, are shown by the statement hereto annexed, following, and made a part hereof, marked "Exhibit A":

"Exhibit A. Los Angeles, Cal., July 1st, 1905.

"Century Building Co.

"To Woodman Lumber Co., Dr.

"Deliver to Lot 10, Bock D, Harvard Heights Tract-

"Date 4-8

Pieces 81

Dimensions 2x4 - 18

Kinds O. P. Etc. Etc.

Total 972

Price $19

Amounts $18.46"

That said building or structure has been completed and that thirty days have not elapsed since the same was completed, and since the notice of completion thereof was duly filed by said owner;

That the amount of the contract price for said material furnished as aforesaid, is Five hundred and twenty-five dollars, in United States gold coin;

That no part of said sum due claimant as aforesaid has been paid and that the sum of Five hundred and twenty-five dollars in gold coin of the United States is still due and owing thereon to said claimant, after deducting all just credits and offsets.

Wherefore, said claimant, Woodman Lumber Co., claims the benefit of the law relative to liens of mechanics and others upon real property, to-wit: Chapter II (Thrift, Or Accumulation Of Capital)., Title IV., Part III., of the Code of Civil Procedure.

Percy Woodman, Claimant. State of California, County of Los Angeles, ss.

Percy Woodman, being duly sworn, says: I am the lien claimant above named; I have heard the foregoing claim read, and know the contents thereof, and the same are true.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st day of July, A. D. 1905.

Samuel Bristow, Notary Public in and for the County of Los Angeles, State of California.