Denver, Colo., June 10th, 1905.

Received of C. B. True, the sum of Two Hundred Dollars, as part payment for the following described Real Estate, to-wit: Lot 7, in Block 10, of the Marlin Tract, in the city of Denver, Colorado, as per map of said tract recorded in the office of the County Recorder of Gunnison County, in Book 300 of Miscellaneous Records, at page 29. The entire price to be paid for said above described Real Estate is $1200 (Twelve Hundred Dollars), and same is to be paid as follows: The remainder of $1000 to be paid in U. S. Gold Coin within ninety days from this date. Title to be perfect; and a good and sufficient Grant Deed to be executed and delivered by the undersigned to said C. B. True, his heirs or assigns, on or before the 10th day of September, 1905, together with an unlimited certificate of title by a reputable title company, showing said premises vested in undersigned clear of incumbrances.

Provided, however, that the payment of $1000 is tendered or paid on or before said date. If the said payment of $1000 is not paid or tendered on or before the said 20th day of June, 1905, then this contract shall be void and of no further effect, and both parties shall be released from all obligations hereunder; and in that event the said $200 paid on this date is to be retained by undersigned as liquidated damages.

John Gaylord.