To Samuel Jessup, Tenant in Possession:

Within Three Days after the service on you of this notice, you are hereby required to Pay the rent of the premises hereinafter described, and which you now hold possession of, amounting to the sum of $60.00, being the rent from the 1st day of May, 1905, to the 1st day of July, 1905; or you are hereby required to Deliver Up possession of the herein described premises within said three days after service on you of this notice, to John Doe, who is hereby authorized to receive possession thereof, or any Rent due and unpaid from you, or I shall institute legal proceedings against you to recover possession of said premises, with Treble Rents.

Said premises are situated in the.........County of Ventura, State of California, and described as follows:

(Description.) designated and known by the No. 1224 Yale Street,

Yours, etc.,

Fred'k Foster. Dated, Los Angeles, Cal., 10th day of July, 1905.