Know All Men by These Presents: That we, Albert Stephens, C. M. Dent, Dennis Hoyt and Gilbert Doyle, do hereby constitute and appoint Andrew McTighe as our attorney in fact for us and in our names, to make application to the United States for the entry and purchase of certain Government Lands, in the Searchlight Mining District, Reno County, State of Nevada, known as the Gold Coin Group No. I mining claim and premises; and to have the same surveyed, and to take any and all steps that may be necessary to procure from the Government of the United States a patent to the said lands and premises, granting the same to us. And to do all other acts appertaining to the said survey and entry as aforesaid, as we ourselves could do by our own acts, in our own proper persons.

In Witness Whereof, we have hereunto set our hands andaffixed our seals the 21st day of July, A. D. 1905.

C. M. Dent, (Seal)

Dennis Hoyt, (Seal)

Gilbert Doyle, (Seal)

Albert Stephens. (Seal) ( Acknowledgment.)