Know All Men by These Presents, that I, Alfred A. Spinks, of the County of Los Angeles, State of California, in consideration of the sum of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00), Gold Coin of the United States, to me in hand paid, receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, do by these presents, sell, assign and transfer and set over unto Silas Shocking, that certain agreement of sale dated the 10th day of June, 1905, made between James A. Garfield, as party of the first part, and said Alfred A. Spinks, as party of the second part, and providing for the sale of Lots Five (5) and Six (6) of the West Adams Tract, in the said County of Los Angeles, State of California, which said agreement is recorded in the office of the County Recorder of said County of Los Angeles, in Book 30 of Miscellaneous Records, at page 20, to which said agreement and the said record thereof reference is hereby made as a part hereof; To Have and to Hold the same and the lands therein described unto the said Silas Shocking, his heirs and assigns, for his and their use and benefit, forever; subject, nevertheless, to the covenants, conditions and payments therein also mentioned; which payments and covenants the said Silas Shocking also hereby assumes and agrees to fully satisfy and discharge, and to keep and save harmless the said Alfred A. Spinks of and from all personal liability therefor. And the said Alfred A. Spinks hereby fully authorizes and empowers the said Silas Shocking:, upon his performance of the said covenants and conditions, to demand and receive of the said James A. Garfield the deed covenanted to be given in said contract, in the same manner, to all intents and purposes, as the said Alfred A. Spinks might or could do were these presents not executed.

In Witness Whereof, said Alfred A. Spinks has hereunto set his hand and seal this 23rd day of August, 1905.

(Signed) Alfred A. Spinks. (Seal) (Acknowledgment.)