Los Angeles, Cal., March 1, 1904.

To the City Council of the City of Los Angeles, State of California:

Gentlemen : - Your petitioner, the Starlight Refining Company, a corporation, respectfully represents:

That your petitioner at present owns and operates an oil pipe-line in the City of Los Angeles, and, in order the better to accommodate its customers, desires the privilege and license of laying, operating and maintaining an oil pipe-line not more than six inches in diameter along the following streets in the City of Los Angeles, namely: Beginning, etc.

Your petitioner therefore prays that your Honorable Body grant your petitioner a permit to lay, operate and maintain a pipe-line, not more than six inches in diameter, along the streets hereinabove designated, said pipe-line to be so laid and operated as to cause no obstruction or detriment to the full and proper use of said streets by the public

And your petitioner will ever pray. (Corporate Seal) Starlight Refining Company.

By L. D. Nidiver, Secretary.