A one floor building with a basement.

Cape Cod

Storey and a half home with two or more dormer windows in the roof.

Century Home

Home erected over one hundred years ago.


Large home with pillared entrances.

Country Property

A rural property surrounded by fields.


Two family structure, where each facility is complete.

Link Homes

Single family dwellings linked underground at the foundations.

Mansard Home

A one storey or split level home with a low slung roof.

Ranch Home

Long and low home on one floor with basement and an attached garage

Elevated Ranch

Similar to ranch home, but basement at ground level.


The end units on Row or Town homes.


Two homes built either side of a common centre wall.

Split Level

Homes incorporating different levels of floors linked by short stairways, can be two, three or four levels.

Back Split

The narrowest aspect faces the road and the stairways are at the back of the house.

Side Split

The longest aspect faces the road and the stairways are at the sides of the house.

Storey and a Half

A one storey home with a dormer living space in the roof with sloped ceilings.

Two Storey Home

Two complete floors.

Town Houses

Also known as Row houses. Two houses or more houses attached side by side sharing walls.